How to get Skeleton Key Rewards - Strike Specific Loot

Destiny: Rise of Iron introduced new changes to Strike Rewards. Strike Specific loot are no longer granted as engrams upon defeating the final boss.
They are available through Strike Hoard chest that appears upon activity completion. In this guide we’ll show you how to get Destiny Skeleton Keys Rewards from Hoard chests and Strike Specific drops.

how to get Skeleton Keys and strike specific loot

What are Skeleton Keys?

Skeleton Keys are new items in Destiny: Rise of Iron that allow players to obtain Strike specific loot from Strike Hoard chests. Skeleton Keys are granted upon defeating final bosses in Strike Activities. These items will appear as Legendary Engrams.

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Players can use Skeleton Key to open a Strike Hoard in any Strike that contains a unique reward. Players can hold up to 5 keys in inventory, per Character. Skeleton Keys may only be earned once per Activity Completion. If a player leaves the Strike activity prior to Activity Completion, they will not be able to earn additional Skeleton Keys until reaching Activity Completion within a Strike Activity.

How to Get Skeleton Keys

Players can obtain Skeleton Keys in the following Strike Playlists:
  • SIVA Crisis
  • Heroic SIVA Crisis
  • Weekly Vanguard Nightfall
  • You’ll get Skeleton Key for completing both the Kovik’s Sin and None Are Perfect missions given by Shiro-4 at the Iron Temple.

Destiny Skeleton Key Rewards / Loot

Strike Hoards appear in Strike activities once players defeat the final boss. Strike Hoards contain Strike Unique rewards, which may only be accessed if a player holds a Skeleton Key. Upon opening a Strike Hoard, player will receive one Reprise Class Item, or one Artifact. Loot from the Strike Hoard chest will mostly go higher than your current Light Level.

Sepiks Perfected Strike Specific Loot

The Wretched Eye Strike Specific Loot

Siva Pogoth Strike Specific Loot



Blighted Chalice

Fallen Saber

The Undying Mind

The Dust Palace

Cerberus VAE III

The Shadow Thief

Shield Brothers

The Sunless Cell


Taken/Normal Archon Priest

Echo Chamber (PS EXCLUSIVE)

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