Resident Evil Code: Veronica might be coming to PS4 soon

In accordance with the unofficial Capcom motto “As many games on as many platforms as possible”, RE Code: Veronica might be coming to PS4, just like Revelations. Germany’s USK (that’s like ESRB) seems to have accidentally confirmed that the game is coming. The information has since been removed, but it seems perfectly aligned with Capcom’s […]
Outlast2 2

Outlast 2 is not banned in Australia any more

If you followed gaming news last week, you might have noticed that Outlast 2 was left unclassified in Australia. They were aiming for R18+, however, the Australian board did not give them one. There is a hidden message in this image. The main problem was a particular scene in the game where the main character […]
xbox one

April’s Xbox Games with Gold include Ryse: Son of Rome

The two main console powerhouses, Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, have been competing for a while now. Although Sony seems to be winning, there is something to be said about Microsoft’s dedication to making as many Xbox 360 games as possible backwards compatible on Xbox One. One of the competing areas is the subscription […]

Playstation exclusives on sale + more discounts

Sony has been very active recently, offering new discounts quite often. Today marks the start of a special “exclusives” discounts, which will last until April 5. There is also the Deal of the Week and Totally Digital discounts to check out. The Last Guardian is probably the newest game on discount. The list of exclusives […]
diablo 3

Diablo 3 gets a major new patch

After almost 4 years of existence, Diablo 3 receives another major patch, 2.5.0, which brings a large amount of improvements and changes. Among them, the Armory and the crafting material storage are the largest ones. Season 10 will be the first Season available on consoles. Armory will provide you with the means to save up […]
red dead redemption 2 character speculation

Red Dead Redemption is coming to PC…in a GTA mod

“Never say never, unless you’re talking about Red Dead Redemption on PC”, the old saying goes. Well, there is the Playstation Now, but that would mean streaming a PS3 game, without any way to improve it. Which is what modders do, and now a group of modders are trying to do the impossible – bring […]
Sonic Forces

Project Sonic 2017 now officially Sonic Forces

It has been quite a while since there was a really good Sonic game. Scratch that, since there was a good Sonic game. Sonic Forces aims to change that. The trailer is out as well. Sonic Team seems to be improving on the Sonic formula from their previous outings, and also using a new engine, […]

Playstation is having a great year for exclusives

Hell, you could say the same just by looking at one title – Horizon Zero Dawn. The adventures of the red-head Aloy in the land of robot-dinosaurs are popular among the critics and players, so much so that the game holds the title for the best-selling first party IP on Playstation 4, with 2.6 million […]
Outlast 2

Outlast 2 not getting classification in Australia

Before you rise up with pitchforks and torches in your arms, let us take a look at what is afoot. Outlast 2 was trying to get classified as R18+, which is a pretty fair classification. The board, however, decided against it and left Outlast 2 without classification. “Listen, bucko, I know you’re all into this […]
System Shock 3 Coming to Consoles As Well As PC

System Shock 3 Coming to Consoles As Well As PC

Starbreeze, the Swedish publisher behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Payday 2, has announced that they’ll be bringing System Shock 3 to both consoles and PC gamers. The company is investing $12 million into the project and working together with OtherSide Entertainment on developing the game. The project is still relatively young, and […]

Friday the 13th PAX East 2017 New “Killer” Trailer

The asymmetrical-multiplayer survival horror game by IllFonic and Gun Media recently showed off another trailer. The Friday the 13th PAX East trailer, titled “Killer”, will certainly bring back memories for all Jason Voorhees fans. From the VHS opening to the over-the-top brutal murder, every slasher lover will instantly feel right at home. Friday the 13th […]
playstation now

Playstation Now to offer PS4 games as well

Streaming has become an extremely popular way to approach gaming content in the last several years. Twitch is a household name now and many people are living off it. With the rise of fast internet everywhere, streaming games in order to play them has seen some rise in popularity, though the numbers are still far […]
The Division Getting Massive Update 1.6, New Difficulty Level

The Division Year Two announces free content for all

The Division has been “resurrected”, for lack of a better word, in the past few months, with the team hard at work to change the game and make it appealing to early adopters and the new. In case you missed the yesterday’s livestream (yesterday was the anniversary of Division’s release) here is a recap. Ubisoft […]