Mirage: Arcane Warfare Released, Has Launch Trailer

Mirage: Arcane Warfare has been released. It’s a multiplayer FPS that pits two teams of magical warriors against each other, and it was made by Torn Banner Studios, the team behind Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. There’s a launch trailer as well, showing off a bunch of characters and some environments. Mirage Arcane Warfare At first glance, […]

Blasphemous Reaches Kickstarter Goal in Under One Day

Blasphemous, the new game by The Game Kitchen, has reached and surpassed their initial Kickstarter goal. The game is a pixelated metroidvania game, heavily inspired by the Dark Souls visual style. Blasphemous is still in development, set to launch in 2019. The Kickstarter is still ongoing, if you want to chip in. Blasphemous Reaches Kickstarter […]

PlayStation Store Extended Play Sale Live on PSN

There’s a new sale up on the PlayStation store. It’s called Extended Play Sale, and it offers discounts on various bundles and special editions of PS4 and PS3 games. Titles that are on offer include Overwatch GOTY Edition, Bloodborne Complete Edition, Just Cause 3 XL, Call of Duty: Black Ops II with the Revolution Map […]

Pokemon GO Anti-Cheat Measure Blocks Rare Pokemon

Niantic continues their crack down on “cheaters” and bot accounts. The latest anti-cheat measure introduced blocks already-flagged accounts from seeing rare Pokemon. This comes on the heels of the wave ban that targeted bots, spoofers and accounts that used third-party trackers and similar software. Pokemon GO Anti-Cheat Measure Blocks Rare Pokemon Almost since it launched, […]

Gwent Public Beta Twitch Live Stream Details

The Gwent Open Beta is launching very soon, beginning a new chapter in the game’s life. To celebrate, the developers from CD Projekt Red are hosting a live stream on their official Twitch channel. During the live stream, they’ll be answering questions from fans, and various YouTubers and streamers will join in. Gwent Public Beta […]