Mafia 3 new DLC and free demo

New Bordeaux was one of the best looking (when it didn’t glitch) and best sounding cities in gaming last year. It was quite a shame that Mafia 3’s interesting narrative failed short when it came to repetitive sidemissions – even for open-world games standards! The developers Hangar 13 are finally putting out the first story-driven […]

Syberia 3 now has a story trailer

It has been 15 years since the release of the original Syberia and 13 since the launch of the sequel, Syberia II. Hailed for its graphics and design, the games were a return to a more classic point’n’click adventures of earlier times. Syberia III, on the other hand, suffered a troubled development cycle that basically […]

FFXV Episode Prompto DLC Tease Found at End of Episode Gladiolus

The first story DLC for FFXV, Episode Gladiolus, is out today. Eager players have immediately jumped at the opportunity to find out more about the adventures of the party’s muscle. However, there’s a surprise waiting at the end. Episode Gladiolus is hiding a teaser for FFXV Episode Prompto DLC. Possible light spoilers ahead. FFXV Episode […]

Uncharted Lost Legacy should get a release date soon

Lost Legacy, probably the last Uncharted game in a long while, might launch sooner than expected. The stand-alone expansion’s voice actress, Claudia Black, who voices Chloe Frazer, participated in conversation with a fan on Twitter, practically confirming that the release date is on its way. The Lost Legacy is promising even more breathtaking vistas. The […]

Resident Evil Code: Veronica might be coming to PS4 soon

In accordance with the unofficial Capcom motto “As many games on as many platforms as possible”, RE Code: Veronica might be coming to PS4, just like Revelations. Germany’s USK (that’s like ESRB) seems to have accidentally confirmed that the game is coming. The information has since been removed, but it seems perfectly aligned with Capcom’s […]

Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 Update Available for Download

Square Enix has finally released the long-awaited Chapter 13 update for Final Fantasy XV. Version 1.06, aside from adding much-needed extra content to Chapter 13, also features bug fixes and gameplay enhancements. It also prepares the field for the upcoming Episode Gladiolus, enchantments to Arcana spells, and more. Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 Update Available […]

Destiny 2 poster leaked in Italy

Destiny 2 posters have surfaced depicting Destiny 2 and hinting at a potential launch on September 8. The Italian in the picture not only states the date but also claims that beta will be available in advance. This is nothing new, as the original Destiny was available both in the Alpha and Beta before launch, […]

Destiny’s Age of Triumph launch trailer

Bungie is ready to bring Destiny to a close. The Destiny 2 leak is all the rage at the moment, while the final update for the original Destiny is coming on March 28. The expectations from Bungie when Destiny was concerned were quite large. The company that practically brought FPS to consoles perfected their trade […]

Outlast 2 is not banned in Australia any more

If you followed gaming news last week, you might have noticed that Outlast 2 was left unclassified in Australia. They were aiming for R18+, however, the Australian board did not give them one. There is a hidden message in this image. The main problem was a particular scene in the game where the main character […]