Alien Isolation List of Controls and Keyboard Commands

If you want to improve your gameplay and stay alive, you should know all key bindings in Alien: Isolation. The following control keys provide shortcuts to many of the most frequently used commands:


W, A, S, D – Move character
MOUSE – Look around
SHIFT – Sprint
CTRL – Peek


C – Crouch
E – Use
Close Menu – Q
R – Activate
F – Select Flashlight
TAB – Map
U – Tab Left
I – Tab Right
Right mouse button + ‘S’ – hold breath and lean back


Left Mouse Button – Fire / Throw / Melee
Right Mouse Button – Aim / Change Focus
1 – Select Revolver
2 – Select Shotgun
3 – Select Flamethrower
4 – Select Bolt Gun
5 – Select Stun Baton
Mouse Wheel Down – Next Weapon
Mouse Wheel Up – Previous Weapon
SPACE – Select Motion Tracker



  1. H
    Hugo Lindbäck

    I can’t figure out how to hold my breath, does anyone know?

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      I saw somewhere that you have to use LT (for Xbox) to hold your breath but I don’t know which button you can use on PC.

  2. E

    ‘Right mouse click’ + ‘S’ = hold breath and lean back

  3. J

    PC version – Hold RMB and LMB to use maintenance jack. Nothing happens. q to back out, E to try again, but what could be going wrong?

    1. C

      Press A (left)

      1. A
        Albert Williams

        To use maintenance jack to open doors on an iMac you use the A key? What do you mean (left)??

  4. C

    how do i reload baterries…i neeed 2 noe asap guyz plz

    1. C

      If you’re talking about the Flashlight, you hold down whatever button you use to turn it on. For PS4, the Triangle button turns off the flashlight, but HOLDING IT DOWN will recharge the batteries.

      1. the trick to the game is to save up ammo, stealth a much as possible and to survive right?

  5. what is tab? how do i tab?
    for the x box?

  6. T
    This gue

    In the P.C. Version how do I Melee attack?
    I have a flare in my hand and I pressed the left mouse button [lmb] and nothing happened. I walked near a wall and did it, nothing. I changed to the medpack, still, nothing. I can aim and throw the flare just fine, but I can’t melee attack.

  7. E

    Hogyan kell reload????pc

  8. J

    For some reason, my left mouse button won’t fire or throw or do much of anything. I’m using a Mac. I know the Control key gets my arm ready to throw or fire but I can do absolutely NOTHING with the left mouse button. There’s no control reset in the game. There’s no key mapping option to change the key. I’ve loaded and quit the game a number of times to no avail. I’ve tried different mice. I’d hate to restart the game and return to the beginning only to lose all the distance I’ve traveled. I’m trying to restart the transit system and have failed because I can’t throw the EMP or use the gun. Any ideas? Thanks!

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