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Dragomir enjoys writing and has had a couple of short stories published. Writing is both his hobby and vocation. When it comes to video games, he's an avid gamer who focuses more on the story and original gameplay than anything else. Other than that, he plays guitar.

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The Division Chat Commands Channels

Chat Commands

Since gameplay in The Division pretty much relies on teamwork, player communication plays an important part. For that reason, the developers have included the chat…

The Division Medical Tech Security Wings

Perks List

Perks in The Division upgrade the player’s inventory, increase the effects of consumables, provide various additional slots, etc. Like it is with skills and talents,…

The Division Cover Combat Talents

Talents Guide

Talents are abilities in The Division that give the player a passive bonus during play. They are divided into three main types: medical, tech and…

Far Cry Sweet Totem Lake

Spirit Totem Locations

Spirit totems are collectibles in Far Cry: Primal. There are 12 altars located all over the map where you need to place the totems. Each…