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Nenad is an economics student who loves video games and plays everything except horror games. He is particularly fond of NBA 2K and first-person shooter games like Battlefield.

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Dishonored 2 Corvo Attano Spotlight

Corvo Attano Spotlight

Dishonored 2 Corvo Attano Spotlight video was officially released by Bethesda. We have a chance to see some action sequences as well as developer commentary…

Final Fantasy XV Soundtrack Editions

FFXV Soundtrack Editions

FFXV soundtrack editions are available for preorder. Three editions are available, limited, standard edition – Blu-ray and standard edition – CD. Each one comes with…

final fantasy xv dlc

Final Fantasy XV DLC

Final Fantasy XV DLC will be released after the game launch, according to Square Enix. The official release date is the 29th of November. We…


Throw Dynamite Farther

Throwing dynamite in Battlefield 1 can be very useful in many ways, especially in dealing with enemy vehicles and tanks. Sadly, the default throwing distance…

medic class guide battlefield 1

Medic Class Guide

Medic class is definitely the most useful class in Battlefield 1, in any game mode. In previous games, it was the assault class that had…