Final Fantasy XV's Prompto Records Special Holiday Message for Fan

Prompto from Final Fantasy XV is voiced by Robbie Daymond. Whether you liked his performance or not is up to you, but nobody can deny that he’s a cool guy. Daymond helped make a little girl’s Christmas truly unique. He recorded a special, short Christmas greeting for her in the voice of Prompto, who is her favorite FF XV character.

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Final Fantasy XV's Prompto Records Special Holiday Message for Fan
Final Fantasy XV’s Prompto Records Special Holiday Message for Fan

The father of the little girl (her name is Euphrates) reached out to Daymond and asked what the rate would be to record the message. However, instead of giving the man his rate, the voice actor simply sent him an email with the greeting. The email reads:

“Hey Frankie!! Here is a special X-mas message for your daughter! Hope she enjoys it. Cheers!”

The message, titled To Euphrates From Prompto, he wishes Euphrates a “very merry Christmas”. He then sings a little bit from the FF XV fanfare mixed with Deck The Halls.

According to Frankie, the girl’s daughter, Euphrates is a huge fan of Prompto.

“She’s absolutely in love with Prompto and is always quoting him and laughing at anything he says. FFXV is the first game that has managed to pull her away from games like Minecraft and Roblox, which I find to be amazing.”

There’s no doubt that the big four from Final Fantasy XV have quickly become extremely popular characters. Throughout the game, we find out a lot about them; not jut as heroes, but as people. We find out about their quirks and fears. By the end, we almost feel like we’re friends with them. I have to admit, I’ve never been so invested in the characters of an JRPG before.

I also have to admit that I really wanted to strangle Prompto several times, as “charming” as he can be, but that’s just me.

Either way, hats off to Robbie Daymond for making Euphrates’ Christmas so special. We really need stories like these this year.

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