Bamboo Segments - Genshin Impact Wood Locations

Bamboo segments are one of many key ingredients for creating your ideal home in Genshin Impact Serenitae Pot system. However, finding the right Genshin Impact wood locations can get tedious. You can end up meandering all over the place and not find your wood. Of course, the same thing goes if you’re farming for bamboo segments. Luckily, we are giving you an easy-to-follow guide. Read it and you’ll be at your bamboo segments Genshin Impact wood location without a fuss.

Bamboo Segments - Genshin Impact Wood Locations

Where to find Bamboo Segments in Genshin Impact

Basically, there’s only one bamboo segments Genshin Impact wood location. Go to the north-south waypoint in the Wuwang Hill area. In other words, go to the Statue of the Seven that’s southwest of the Qingce Village. When you arrive at the location there should be some bamboo plants on-site. In case you can’t find them, or maybe you need more bamboo segments, no problem. Just run along the road that leads north to the next waypoint, and you should find additional bamboo plants.

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Because Genshin Impact bamboo location is stretching between the two consecutive waypoints, you can take the opposite approach. Go to the waypoint that’s directly west of the Qingce Village and simply take the path to the south. This will also get you to the same bamboo segments Genshin Impact wood location. So you decide how to go about your farming.

Bamboo Segments - Genshin Impact Wood Locations Map

Bamboo plants have a distinct look, and unlike other Genshin Impact trees, you can’t mistake it for something else. They are tall and thin with light green foliage springing from the upper parts. While you’re whacking away for your bamboo segments, perhaps you’re wondering what to do next. Maybe you can get some new special items, so why not check our Teapot Travelling Salesman video on YouTube?!

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