Fir Wood Genshin Impact Locations

Fir Wood in Genshin Impact is one of the necessary ingredients for creating your ideal home in the New System: Serenitea Pot. In order to construct and spruce up your lovely living space, you’ll be searching for various types of Genshing Impact wood. The logical question that comes to mind is where to find Fir Wood? So you wouldn’t be running aimlessly around the map, we present you with an easy guide. You’ll be at your Fir Wood Genshin Impact Location in no time.

Fir Wood Genshin Impact Locations

Where to find Fir Wood in Genshin Impact

There is a specific location where you can find fir wood in Genshin Impact. It’s almost exactly at the Minlin Liyue teleport waypoint. If you can’t see it on your Genshin Impact map, don’t worry. In that case, you need to explore the road connecting Qingyun Peak and Quil Plains.

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Once you arrive next to Minlin Liyue Statue of the Seven, you should be standing on a small elevation. There’s a pond down the slope, while a large rock is protruding behind your back. Feel free to dash or glide towards the lower level surrounding the water and the bridge. You can find a couple of fir trees right next to the starting point of the bridge. Additionally, if you need more Genshin Impact Fir Wood, just follow the wall of the cliff away from the bridge. Generally, you’ll encounter a bunch of them if you explore the area.

Fir Wood Genshin Impact Locations Map

Fir Wood in Genshin Impact has dark evergreen foliage which starts from a lower level of the log. This is why they tend to look more like shrubs when compared to other trees. If you’re uncertain whether you’ve found the right one, a rule of the thumb is to whack it and see what falls down.

We understand that building your dream home in Serenity Pot Genshin Impact can require tedious searching and farming for the right ingredients. So will be posting new guides for you. If you need a VIDEO WALKTHROUGH for fir wood in Genshin Impact feel free to check out youtube channel.

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