Yggdrasil Dew Explained God of War Ragnarok

If you need the God of War Ragnarok Yggdrasil Dew explained, you’re either a new player or a veteran that needs a refresher. Either way, we’re here to help. These dew drops grant you valuable boosts to different stats, but the phrasing of the popup you get each time you collect a drop is a little confusing. It kind of implies that you have to consume the Yggdrasil Dew yourself. However, that’s not the case. Allow me to explain.

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yggdrasil dew explained god of war ragnarok
Yggdrasil Dew Explained God of War Ragnarok

How to Get & Use Yggdrasil Dew in God of War Ragnarok

To get the God of War Ragnarok Yggdrasil Dew, you simply need to guide your boat under them. Well, technically, you just need to row close enough for the button prompt to appear on screen. Once it does, hit Circle and Kratos will automatically adjust the vessel so that his companion can reach out and collect the dew drop. Incidentally, since this guide is mostly for new players, we should explain what dew looks like. As you traverse the many bodies of water in the game, you’ll sometimes see large, glowing, bright-blue drops. Those are Yggdrasil Dew. You can check out our screenshots above and below for visual assistance. Okay, but how do you use them?

To use the Yggdrasil Dew in God of War Ragnarok, all you need to do is pluck it from its source. That’s it. You get the passive bonuses each drop provides automatically. There’s no need to root through your inventory or anything. Ragnarok, like its predecessor, doesn’t make this entirely clear. Rather, they just tell you that drinking Yggdrasil Dew brings lasting benefits. But, yeah, you consume them automatically. Now, all dew drops permanently raise one of your stats, but not all drops increase the same stat. For example, one drop might enhance your Cooldown, while another might grant you more Strength or Runic or whatever. So, it’s a good idea to try and gather every one you come across.

how to get use god of war ragnarok yggdrasil dew
Different dew drops grant different bonuses
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