Brawlhalla Servers Down - Maintenance Time

The Brawlhalla servers maintenance down time is currently going on, because the developers are implementing some fun new stuff. The most interesting thing is, of course, the new Legend Munin. There are other features that they’re also putting in, so it might take a while for them to finish up. We’re probably looking at a few hours of the servers being down.

brawlhalla servers down maintenance time
Brawlhalla Servers Down – Maintenance Time

Servers Maintenance Down Time in Brawlhalla

The Brawlhalla servers are down for maintenance time, as we’ve already said, because they’re implementing a new Legend, aka playable character. According to the tweet announcing this, “servers will be down while we get the patch set up and out to you all.” They don’t say anything about how long it will take them to complete tinkering with the servers, so we can only speculate. The last time when they were putting in new characters, Negan and Maggie, it took about three or four hours, so we can assume it’ll take about as long this time around.

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The best course of action is to check their Twitter to stay updated and, more than anything else, just be patient and let the devs do their jobs. The wait will be worth it, because, as far as I’m concerned, the new character is arguably the coolest one yet. The Legend you’ll be able to check out after the Brawlhalla servers maintenance down time is up is Munin, one of Odin’s ravens, reimagined as an eighties glam rocker. It as two weapons, a now and a scythe, both of which pull double duty as guitars. Plus, it has three skins – Magpie Munin, Hugin, and DJ Munin.

While you’re waiting for the servers to come back up, you can check out Munin’s trailer below or read more about it and everything else in the patch that’s coming after the down time here. We’ve also got a bunch of Brawlhalla guides that you can check out if you need them. Among other articles, we’ve got stuff like Legends With Bot in Their Bot Name and Legends Who Trained With Lin Fei.

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