Mask Bug - Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is out, and while the game has been very well received, there are a couple of issues which have cropped up – the biggest of these being the Mask Bug. This particularly irritating bug occurs when you put on the Taro Mask. When you do this, the game switches into first-person mode, but the problem here is that you cannot take it off, so you are stuck in this mode not working as intended. Since this mask is critical to the plot and you have to interact with it, this is a very big bug. Currently, it appears that only PlayStation 4 players are getting this glitch, and if you are one of them, our Mask Bug – Kena: Bridge of Spirits guide will provide you with a fix for this buggy feature.

Mask Bug - Kena Bridge of Spirits

How to Fix Mask Bug – Kena Bridge of Spirits

Currently, there is only one fix for this issue. If you experience this glitch, the only way to fix it is to reload an earlier save. We understand that this is far from an ideal solution, especially if you have progressed a lot since your last save, but there is no other solution at this time. Of course, even though the game has just been released mere hours ago, we are certain that the developers have been made aware of this problem. A hotfix of some sort is probably being worked on right now, and this bug is very likely to be patched out soon.

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In any case, we hope that this glitch won’t give you too much bother and that you will be able to progress through the game normally. If you are interested in other Kena: Bridge of Spirits content, we invite you to check out our Photo Mode and How to Claim Pre-Order and Digital Deluxe Edition bonuses guides.

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    Or you can interact with something. You can move if you run so find the door to interact with it or let yourself be killed by an enemy. Youll still have the mask on but the big wont be there anymore

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    Diana Fields

    Yep. Very frustrating. Definitely need a fix soon.

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