Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy has sold over 2.5 million

It hasn’t been that long since June 30th and Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy has already reached a significant milestone. It is definitely come as proof that there is a nostalgia market, as well as that 3D platformers still hold an interest for the audiences. The number was actually pointed to by the analyst Daniel Ahmad, who tweeted about it on Saturday.

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Vicarious Visions have already proven themselves as Activision’s go-to studio for port work and remasters. Destiny 2’s PC Port behind them, as well as the N Sane Trilogy, they might be ready for a game of their own. And why not make it a new Crash game? There is obviously interest in the IP and the logical step forward now would be to go for a completely new game. Well, of course, after the PC version of N Sane Trilogy. Think about it – it is to be expected, since the game is no longer bound to PS4, although it was the first platform of choice. The future seems open for a lot of things.

Let us not forget to reiterate that the success of Crash Bandicoot begs the question of some other well known Playstation mascots getting their time in the sun once again. This is especially valid when it comes to Spyro the Dragon, since the Easter egg in Crash remaster (entering a code from the original) apparently makes the cursor disappear. Of course, it should open a Spyro demo level, but this was quite enough to get minds racing.

What would you like to see revived from way back when?


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