Logitech Introduces G333 - Gaming Earbuds

In early spring 2021 Logitech launched a new addition to their Logitech G brand – the G333 gaming earbuds. This product has a new take on peripheral gaming equipment that mixes quality sound and movability. The majority of gaming headphones cover your ears and some models tend to be clunky. With Logitech G333 you get the high-quality audio combined with the elegance and practicality of earbuds. Your top-notch sound doesn’t have to be reserved for your gaming sessions only. Take your experience outside and enjoy the full richness of sounds during your outdoor activities. What’s more, VR headset users will appreciate the small size of G333, since they can fit under the headset easily.

Logitech G333 - Gaming Earbuds

The Logitech company has insured you get the excellent quality audio with the G333. These gaming earbuds are compact and contain two pairs of sound drivers. The first pair is specialized in producing medium and high-pitched sounds, while the second pair is designated for bass. This technology will enable you to fully enjoy all the audio details from your favorite game. The G333 are also equipped with a high-quality mike which will enable clear communication with other players during active game sessions. Furthermore, the mike segment also holds buttons for fine adjusting of volume. Lastly, there is also a skip button for changing songs so you wouldn’t have to reach for your phone.

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Logitech G333 - Gaming Earbuds Set

You can use your G333 gaming earbuds to connect to any gaming device like Sony, Xbox, or PC as the earbuds contain a 3,5mm jack and a USB C port. Following the Logitech standards, the G333 hold excellent structural quality and they are designed for maximum comfort. These gaming earbuds include a flat cord and a small pouch. The G333 are made of aluminum and they come in three variations so they could fit your personal style. You can get your G333 models in black, white, and purple versions, with changeable rubber tops. The black ones are paired with bright blue caps, the white phones go with light blue tops, and in the case of the purple model the caps are yellow.

If you want additional information on G333 gaming earbuds visit the Logitech official page.

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