Returnal 20th Century House - Key Location

Returnal is definitely brimming with eerie and strange scenery and creatures, but 20th century house takes the cake. While you are exploring the Overgrown Ruins with its alien background the most unusual object is the 20th century house. It seems to be Selene’s old home, and it’s sticking out like a sore thumb! Unfortunately, this mystifying discovery is locked. Naturally, you want to find the key to this Returnal 20th century house enigma. For this reason, we offer our guide on how to find the key location and enter the Returnal 20th century house. However, be careful. Once you enter this strange 20th century house, you can’t get out easily. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with this as well. Just be sure to read the whole “Returnal 20th century house – key location” guide.

Returnal 20th Century House - Key Location

How to Unlock 20th Century House – Where to Find the Key

After you’ve discovered the 20th century house you need to continue exploring the Overgrown Ruins. You’ll come across several alien lifeforms, so prepare to do some fighting. Also, be sure to pick up all the goodies. As the maps in Returnal are randomly generated every time, the only clue we can offer is that you need to go through blue rectangle doors. Eventually, you’ll stumble upon a stone block with an undiscovered item. Congratulations! That’s the antique key for a 20th century house. Now all you need to do is to return to the mysterious 20th century house.

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Returnal 20th Century House - Key Location House Key

How to Exit the 20th Century House in Returnal?

You’ve entered the 20th century house and it turns out it’s Selene’s home and everything is exactly as she left it. After you browse around you’ll quickly discover that you can’t simply walk out of the place. This is a Returnal puzzle so follow the steps we give you. All in all, you need to trigger a sequence of events.

Immediately after you enter, you’ll find a mirror with a small table where you can check a binder with first missions, but it isn’t important. Go straight ahead up to the wooden cabinet where you can pick up a photo, and you’ll get a flash-back sequence. Afterwards, The night light will start blinking, and you’re done with this part. Now go upstairs and check the door immediately to your left. Selene won’t open it and that’s that, so take a look at the rest of the floor. There’s nothing of interest close to the window now, but it’s a crucial point for later.

As you return to the stairs you’ll notice a wooden cube with strange markings on the floor. It quickly dissolves in your hand. Return downstairs and go to the wooden cabinet with pulsing light, and from there turn left. You’ll see a white door at the end of the long corridor. Try to open it, but it weirdly shuts back. Now climb back to the window on the upper floor. Now you’ll be able to look through it to discover the astronaut.

Returnal 20th Century House - Exit

When you wake up you’ll be lying outside of the 20th century house, but more importantly, there is going to be an Astronaut Figurine close to you. This is an important artifact as it can help you in Returnal. With it, you can die and you’ll resurrect at the same place, without resetting the level. Be warned, this is a one-time bonus only.

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