Nier Replicant Lighthouse Lady Choice - Give Her the Letter or Tell the Truth

The lighthouse lady choice is something you need to make when going through the “Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath” quest in Nier Replicant. In this emotional sidequest you’ll unearth a surprising townsfolks’ secret and in the end, you get to face a sentimental dilemma. Are you going to give the old lady the letter or tell her the truth? Follow our guide to make the best lighthouse lady choice for your Nier Replicant playstyle.

Nier Replicant Lighthouse Lady Choice - Give Her Letter or Tell the Truth

Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath Choice – Give Her the Letter and Perpetuate the Lie

When you finally reach the last part of the Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath quest you are offered two dialogue options. The first one is “Give her the letter and perpetuate the lie”. If this is your lighthouse lady choice, the ruse will continue. You give the old lady the fake letter and as a consequence she is overjoyed and she keeps on living the happy lie. This way you agree with the townsfolk and you become complicit in the hoax and as for the lady – ignorance is bliss.

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Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath Choice – Tell Her That Her Lover Is Dead

The second option is the truthful resolution. When clicking on it, you’ll inform the lady that her love has been dead for quite some time. What’s more, the townsfolk didn’t have the heart to tell her this and they came up with the white lie. The lighthouse lady takes it stoically since she had been suspecting the truth for a while. In addition, she asks you to keep it a secret that you’ve told her everything. She will continue living the lie, but this time as an active participant.

In the end, both choices don’t make any difference in the overall Nier Replicant story. Be that as it may, the players who love the roleplaying immersion will appreciate the dilemma. Whichever lighthouse lady choice you make, you’ll end up getting 1000 gold and you’ll have completed the quest. Nevertheless, in later dialogue with the postman, you’ll get the option of informing him about your choice. Still, that’s all there is to it.

Nier Replicant Lighthouse Lady Choice - Give Her the Letter or Tell the Truth Box Puzzle

Though the Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath quest is pretty straightforward, it does contain a small puzzle segment. In order to reach the backroom in the post office, you need to move around boxes to clear the pathway. If you’re having problems with this one, check our video guide on our YouTube channel.

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