Nier Replicant Memory Alloy

The memory alloy is a material that’s tricky to obtain in Nier Replicant. You’ll mostly need it for upgrading your weapons, but some sidequests require it, too. The problem with the memory alloy loot is that there is only one location that you can acquire it. What’s worse, it’s dropped by robot enemies, meaning you’ll need to grind a bit. No problem! With some luck and with the help of our guide, you’ll get all the memory alloy you want for your Nier Replicant game.

Nier Replicant Memory Alloy

Where to Find Memory Alloy in Nier Replicant

When you reach Part 2 of Nier Replicant you’ll be able to reach the basement level 2 (B2) of Junk Heap. Here you can encounter several types of mechanical opponents but you should concentrate on P-32 robots. They walk on two legs and have glowing yellow eyes and above else, you get their health bar onscreen. However, before you engage them, be sure to increase your item drop rate up to 30%. You can achieve this by using words starting with “Mah”. Basically, this increases your chances of getting the memory alloy. Once you maximize your stat, set the game difficulty to high, and you can go after the P-32 hoping for the best.

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If you want to be more methodical here’s a tactic you can try. You’ll reach a room where you’ll fight a single P-32. Immediately after you defeat it, a new P-32 will pop up. If the first one doesn’t drop the memory alloy, simply let the other robot kill you. Don’t worry, you are going to respawn close to that room. Once the first one drops your coveted loot, feel free to destroy the other robot. Then you can leave the room and repeat the process.

Nier Replicant Memory Alloy Map

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