Resident Evil 7 Master of Unlocking Trophy Guide -Lock Pick Location

Resident Evil 7 Master of Unlocking Trophy is one of the many achievements you can get in RE VII. To get the trophy, however, you need to find the lock pick location. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the lock pick and how to get Master of Unlocking achievement in Resident Evil VII.

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Resident Evil 7 Master of Unlocking Trophy Guide - Lock Pick Location
Resident Evil 7 Master of Unlocking Trophy – Lock Pick Location

Lock Pick Location – Master of Unlocking Achievement RE 7

After you escape Jack for the first time by jumping through the hatch in the floor, you’ll find yourself in the crawlspace below the house. You’ll know you’re heading the correct way if the red lawnmower is on your left.

Head forward through the corridor until you reach a hole in the ceiling. You’ll know you’re there by the wooden ramp leading you up. Climb up into the room with three washing machines (Laundry Room) and turn around. You’ll notice a tape recorder, so save if you want. Ignore everything else and head for the shelves.

On the shelf just to the right of the door, you’ll find a rusty, orange box. Pick it up and turn it around until you get the option to open it. Press X to open it and collect the lock pick.

Now, let’s get the trophy. Exit the Laundry Room through the door and you’ll see two hallways, one leading straight, and one to the right. You want the one on the right. Walk down the hall and ignore the phone if it starts ringing. Walk until you pass the double doors on the left. Turn left, and you’ll see a small chest of drawers with a lamp on it.

Select the lock pick from your inventory and use it on the top drawer. This will earn you the Master of Unlocking Trophy.

If this doesn’t give you the achievement, find some other things to unlock with the lock pick, but this should do the trick.

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