Film Puzzle Resident Evil Village

Film Puzzle in Resident Evil 8 Village is a part of a larger mystery that surrounds the unnerving Doll in Benevientos House. This spooky human-sized manikin turns out to be a treasure trove of various items that lead to several puzzles. One of these items is the Film which shows two cute monkey dolls. This is a rare instance of cuteness in Resident Evil 8 and that makes it even more unnerving. How do you get this out-of-place Film and where does it take you?! We give you our guide for solving the Film Puzzle in Resident Evil Village 8.

Film Puzzle Resident Evil Village

Where to Find Film in Resident Evil 8?

As you enter the Doll Workshop in Benevientos House, you’ll uncover the eerie human-sized puppet. It’s lying on the slab right in the middle of the room. You can examine various body parts to collect several items that are all interconnected in a way. In the end, you’ll need one item to solve the puzzle of the other one and so on. Now, examine the mouth of the doll. You’ll notice a part of a Film which you can’t take out right away.In short, you’ll need a special item to pluck it out. In this case, it’s pair of Tweezers, which you can get by solving the Music Box Puzzle. You can click here for our guide with the solution to the Music Box Puzzle in Resident Evil 8 Village.

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How to Solve Film Puzzle in Resident Evil Village?

After you pull out the film from the Doll’s mouth, go to the Study in Beneviento House. Once inside, you’ll spot a desk with an old film projector and a small stand. It has several film strips hanging by the wooden clips with numbers. Notice that clip number 3 is empty, so insert the monkey doll Film there. Now all you need to do is arrange the films in the right order. The monkey doll film goes to the number 1 clip. Go on and put the film with the Village of Shadows book into spot number 2. Then, clip number 3 should hold the sleeping baby film. After that, the music box goes with clasp number 4. Finally, put the film showing the hand with the wedding ring into spot number 5. To make it simpler we give you the photo of the correct sequence.

How to Solve Film Puzzle in Resident Evil Village

This will solve the Film Puzzle in Resident Evil 8. Once you’ve arranged the films, the projector will play a home movie. Wait for it to finish. Immediately after, the screen will fall down and a secret passage will open. Now you can enter a small back room and what do you know! You’ll find more creepy dolls. One of them holds an item that will help you uncover the mysteries of the Doll even further. Check out our YouTube channel for more helpful guides like How to Get Mask of Pleasure.

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