Resident Evil Village 5 Bells - Puzzle Solution

Resident Evil Village 5 Bells Puzzle is a small roadblock in the story mode. While you’re exploring Castle Dimitrescu you’ll eventually enter the Atelier room. You can recognize it easily as it has a large portrait of Lady Dimitrescu covering the wall. At first glance, it would seem that this place is a dead end because it leads to nowhere. However, don’t be fooled. This room holds the Five Bell Puzzle which you need to solve in order to continue with the game. Since the solution requires some meticulous exploration in hidden-object game style, we’ve made a guide for you. With our help, you can quickly solve the Five Bells Puzzle in Resident Evil 8.

Five Bells Puzzle Resident Evil 8 Village

Resident Evil Village 5 Bells location – Puzzle Solution

First of all, you’ll notice a painting standing on an easel somewhat in the central part of the room. There’s a clue posted on it: “Let the five bells of this chamber ring out“. This is exactly what you’re supposed to do. Basically, the solution to the puzzle requires hitting 5 bells in Resident Evil Village. Luckily, you can find them all without leaving the room. There is another thing you should have in mind. If you hit the bells correctly, a small flame will appear over them. This is how you know you can continue searching for the next one.

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You don’t have to follow an exact sequence for hitting the bells. However, our guide will give you the fastest route. The first bell is quite evident to spot. It’s standing on a small table in the corner of the room, left of the easel. Go ahead and hit it. Afterward, turn around and you’ll notice an antique cabinet. You have to be far enough to spot a bell on top of it. When you see it, shoot it.There’s three more left to complete the Resident Evil Village 5 bells puzzle and continue onwards.

After these two bells light up, climb up the stairs that lead to nowhere. From the top of the stairs, you’ll have a view of other bells. Firstly, face towards the window. If you look closely, there’s a bell outside of it. Shoot the glass to break it and the third bell will be open for the shot. Then, from here simply avert your attention to the chandelier. Shoot it once and it will start swinging which will reveal the forth bell. Now you can take a shot easily. Lastly, turn towards the opening in the wall to your left. Concentrate on the machinery behind the wall and be patient. After a short time, you’ll catch a glimpse of a swinging bell behind the cogs. This is the only bell in motion, so feel its rhythm and take the shot.

Congratulations, quest completed! Return downstairs and the portrait of Lady Dimitrescu will open to reveal a passage. Now you can continue with your Resident Evil 8 Village story.

Resident Evil Village 5 bells puzzle is just one of many exciting brain-twisters you need to solve in RE8. For more help check out our YouTube channel for Resident Evil 8 Village GOAL Trophy Achievement Guide.

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    How is the one outside, inside the chamber tho. Thanks was stumped.

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    Haley Arnold

    So I am on this part with the five bells and part of the game I traded in my handgun it wasn’t a good idea it was an accident I only have a shotgun and it seems on this part I can’t get right do I need a handgun to go through this part of the game I’m kind of stuck HELP

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