Resident Evil 8 Village Co-Op & Multiplayer

Does Resident Evil 8 Village have a Co-Op mode, and will there be Multiplayer modes? That is the burning question for the upcoming eighth installment of the Resident Evil franchise. Fans have been salivating over lady Dimitrescu teaser videos, and gamers worldwide can’t wait to try out this survival horror game. The previous titles in the series offered various types of gameplay, sometimes changing the overall feel of the game. So no wonder fans are itching to find out whether Resident Evil 8 will have co-op and multiplayer modes.

Resident Evil 8 Village Co-Op & Multiplayer

Resident Evil 8 Village Co-Op

So far the straightforward answer is – no. Capcom hasn’t announced any co-op options for Resident Evil 8 Village. Nevertheless, multiplayer enthusiasts have been speculating about the topic. Action-packed Resident Evil entries like RE 4 and RE 5 did have co-op modes. As the franchise had many instances of co-op play, fans let themselves hope for that. With the RE 7 turning back to game’s survival roots, Resident Evil 8 will continue with the suspenseful horror atmosphere. Though some fans still argue there might be co-op parts of the game, so far there’s no evidence pointing to it.

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Is Resident Evil 8 Village Multiplayer?

No, Resident Evil 8 Village doesn’t have the multiplayer mode. Still, that doesn’t mean fans won’t get to do some multiplayer gaming in Resident Evil universe. If you buy Resident Evil 8, you’ll get an upcoming game for free – Resident Evil Re:Verse. This is a multiplayer shooter title in which you get to play as your favorite characters from the Resident Evil series. You’ll be fighting for survival in four-players to six-players deathmatches with a unique twist. When you die, you get to transform into an awesome bioweapon and exact vengeance onto your foes. Players can also collect Virus Capsules and turn themselves into even more powerful bioweapons and wreak havoc on the playing field.

Resident Evil 8 Village Co-Op & Multiplayer ReVerse
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