Resident Evil 6 Village Survive the Attack - Hardcore Difficulty Solution

Early on in the Resident Evil 8 Village, hoards of Lycans overrun you and you have to survive the attack. Players enjoying easy difficulty don’t have much trouble with this segment. However, the hardcore difficulty players encounter a problem without a solution. After dying several times, hardcore difficulty players of Resident Evil 8 may understandably feel frustrated. At first glance it would seem you can’t move forward with the story. As tricky as it is, there is a solution to this seemingly hopeless problem. We offer our step-by-step guide for hardcore difficulty players so you can survive the attack in Resident Evil 8 Village.

Resident Evil 8 Village Survive the Attack - Hardcore Difficulty Solution

How to Complete Survive the Lycan Attack on Hardcore Difficulty in Resident Evil 8

Here are some general guidelines to have in mind. The name of the game is surviving the Lycan attack for approximately 6 minutes. Once you’ve endured long enough, the objective Survive the Attack will activate. After it, you can let yourself get defeated. Furthermore, there is another trick if you want to complete the Survive the Lycan Attack portion in Resident Evil Village. Namely, you achieve nothing by killing large numbers of enemies. Save your ammo as much as possible, and avoid Lycans when you can.

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As you pass the tiny wooden bridge into the East Old Town, enter the first house ahead. There’s no point going around it since both gates are locked. As you enter and explore a bit, the game will give you a subtle nudge that you can barricade doorways with shelves. We suggest you that, so go ahead and point and click on the shelves. Search around and collect all the items you can, especially the ammo. Soon enough the Lycans will surround the house. The enemies can enter through the hole in the roof so wait for them downstairs. You can shoot them easily on the steps. Once you kill these ones, remove the shelves barricade and you can kill the ones standing outside.

Leave the house and you’ll notice that the red locked gate is torn down. From there, follow the bloody trail leading to the next house and enter it. Immediately as you enter, you’ll see a shotgun lying on the table. Pick it up, you’re gonna need it pretty soon. Go to the next room with a flour bag and a hole in the floor with a ladder leading down. While you’re here, take the ammo and gunpowder. Wait here as long as you can and don’t engage the Lycans. You’re buying time. They will approach you slowly, and when they get close enough shoot at the flour bag. This will confuse them for a bit, while you use that chance to climb down. Stay in the underpart of the house until you spot an enemy climbing down, and then get out in the open.

How to Complete Survive the Lycan Attack on Hardcore Difficulty

You’ve reached the third part of the Lycan attack. Run towards the last house and when you enter, collect the shotgun ammo. Don’t linger in this room but immediately climb the ladder to the roof. This rooftop of the third house is your final bastion and use the shotgun when in a pinch. Try holding your ground long enough until Urias spawns. That’s the large uber-Lycan holding a gigantic mallet. If you manage to survive the Lycan attack for at least 6 minutes the objective: Survive the Attack should pop-up.

Now you are ready to take the final step. We provide you with several options and see which works for you. Generally, once you’ve endured long enough, the first Lycan attack should activate the cutscene. There’s one counter-intuitive move that worked on easier levels. Let Urias hit you and you’ll get knocked down. This may activate the cut scene, but it might not work on hardcore difficulty. The second tactic is that you try running from one house to the other while avoiding the enemies. Eventually, you’ll be attacked inside the house. The enemy will throw you out into the open, and that’s it. You can also try the third option. Go towards the burning houses and then search for the red gate which is locked. A Lycan will pounce you and the cutscene starts. Additionally, you might get shot with an arrow instead of the enemy attack.

While you’re lying on the ground, the Lycans and Urias will surround you. As you despair they will suddenly rush off. Congratulations! You’ve managed to complete the Survive the Attack portion in Resident Evil 8. What’s more, you’ve found the hardcore difficulty solution. Don’t worry about all the items you’ve left behind you. If you miss the chance to pick them up, you can return once you complete the survive Lycan attack part. If you need more help, why not check out our YouTube channel for video guides like Resident Evil 8 Village Flower Swords Ball Location – Labyrinth Puzzle Solution.

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  1. L

    I have no idea where this roof is you are talking about, only way out of the house with the shotgun is down

    1. C

      Not the same house. It’s the house directly straight ahead from basement you exit from the house you mentioned

    2. D

      After the shotgun area basement, you run across to the other house where the breakable box is and wrap around left, and go right after the guy busts out of the wood. That leads to a ladder and a roof.

    3. S

      After exiting out the basement hole, run up the path straight ahead of you towards that house and stay towards the right of it. Hook left immediately and you’ll see a ladder in that house on the right side. It’s a bit tricky to climb onto it, but that will get you to the roof.

    4. A
      Aaron De Wispelaere

      After you leave that house underground. Cross the street and enter the next house, there is a ladder going up

    5. Thanks to all of you guys: loganjamesalex, Connor, Danny, Stephanie, Aaron De Wispelaere. We’ve used your input to improve the guide, and we appreciate it.

  2. S

    Started a timer as soon as the “Survive the Attack” objective appeared after we grabbed the shotgun. We got lucky hiding in the basement next to the flour for about ~2 minutes. As soon as the flame arrows showed up, the Lycans became more aggro so we shot the flour and ran towards the house up the hill. Climbed that ladder onto the roof, jumped back down, and went back to the first house & kept running this route until hitting the 4 minute mark. This was around when the bigger enemy showed up. Fortunately our next hit by a Lycan triggered the cut scene. Felt like we got lucky for sure, but thankfully didn’t have to wait a full 6 minutes. Hope this helps.

    1. Thank you Stephanie for your considerable contribution. May Lady Luck shines on your gaming sessions.

    2. J
      Jesse Ryals

      What difficulty are you plan on because I’m playing on hard-core

  3. J

    Honestly you can cheese it by climbing up the ladder and staying on it, making sure to be out of reach, then after the 6 minutes leave it and bam.

    1. M

      That’s what I’m doing now

    2. B

      It didn’t work for me. It seems the timer almost stops when you’re on the ladder. Is there a kill requirement as well?

    3. J

      How long am I supposed to do this on hard difficulty because I’m literally been on this ladder for like 15 minutes and it still says survive the attack

  4. J
    Jesse Ryals

    I’m going on 15 minutes and survived the attack still has not popped up

  5. T

    I refunded the game. The lycan swarm is impossible. You can’t kill them, avoid them, or anything else.

    1. O
      Organic Dolphin

      Wow you are one heck of a quitter.

  6. M

    I have played the game maybe twice since release day because of the swarm. I’ve never been soooo disappointed/frustrated with a game in my life. It doesn’t matter how long I survived it never triggers a cutscene I always just die. I’m over it and I’d love to have my money back. So disappointing

  7. O
    Organic Dolphin

    Thank you guys so much I literally spent over an hour dying repeatedly. This is my first ever RE game and I wanted the hardcore experience but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to progress the game. Just got done and I’m so glad it’s over

  8. L

    You guys make this hard on yourselves. After completing standard, make sure you have between 7-8 landmines in your inventory. I had 8 landmines as well as unlimited shotgun ammo, magnum, and grenade launcher rounds. Cut the gate with the bolt cutters and mine the following locations: One on the bridge, one to the left in the water, one at the door way. Go inside. Lay a mine at the back window, one a little further into the room and one at the foot of the stairs. Head up the stairs and stand in the corner.

  9. L

    Continued – trigger the first wave and aim your magnum at the doorway. DO NOT bar the door. The lycans will punch a whole in the door and you can aim through it and get head shots. Shoot fish in the barrel when the first wave starts. After….go back down stairs and sneak out and cut right. You can now lay mines on the trail leading to the back window. Go back to the door and snipe the lycan on the roof to the left. Immediately head back up the stairs and back into the corner. Its fish in the barrel time!! Alternate between shotgun and magnum. Once you hear Uria land – rush out and cut left toward the explosive barrel. Start unloading on him with the magnum and you can kill him!! Wait for the cutscene and clean up on loot. You just survived and inflicted serious damage!!

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