Watch Dogs: Legion Launches Update 1

Ubisoft has launched Update 1 (Title Update 4.0) for Watch Dogs: Legion which introduces exclusive content as well as free content for single-player and online-player modes. Starting from May 4th the Update 1 is available on consoles Xbox One, Xbox X | S series, PlayStation 4, and Playstation 5. PC gamers can get it on the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store, while you can also look for it on Stadia, Amazon Luna, and Ubisoft+. To top it all, the Ubisoft team used the update event as an opportunity to announce their post-launch plans for the rest of 2021.

Watch Dogs Legion Update 1

Season Pass holders can look forward to Update 1 as it brings exclusive content for single-player and online modes. Primarily, a new playable hero character, Mina Sidhu, is coming to the world of Watch Dogs: Legion. As a former test subject, Mina has developed mind control abilities and she’s ready to use them. She can harness her mental energies with the Mind Control Device OMNI Optik, and by using Mental Blast she can disrupt her opponents. The exclusive content also includes the new DedSec Stories mission – “Swipe Right”. Embark on this single-player mission in which DedSec reveals the nefarious conspiracy behind the Egyptian minister, antiquities, and violent insurgents.

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The Title Update 4.0 also brings free-content to Watch Dogs: Legion for both single-player and online modes. Two new operatives are introduced to the game – the DJ and the First Responder. Furthermore, players will be glad to discover that they can customize their operative’s hair and body art. Last but not least, five new operative abilities are available. You can use the Pickpocket to earn currency on each takedown if you need extra cash. When low on health, the Second Wind is sure to help. With it, operatives quickly regain health after defeating opponents. The Stuntman ability is also helpful for low HP, since operatives take less damage from falls, explosions, and vehicle collision. The Hoarder enables players to loot and carry more ammo. Lastly, the Wanted makes Albion and Clan Kelly enemies attack upon detection anywhere in London.

Watch Dogs Legion Update 1 Mina Sidhu

Players should check out the new content that’s available only for the online mode. Primarily five new solo assignments are ready. There’s also the addition of 2 co-op gadgets: The Guardian Drone and the Point Defense Drones. The former is the Tidis guardian drone and it escorts and supports nearby operatives. The former is a throwing device that deploys a cluster of drones which guard you against incoming fire. You can test them in the brand-new co-op missions that Update 1 has brought. Try your skills in the “Dysfunction” mission as the Clan Kelly hackers wreak chaos in London’s court system. That’s not all Clan Kelly is plotting. Investigate the Clan Kelly purchase of experimental plasma weapon in the “Meltdown” mission. Finally, take on the mission “Repossession” and deal with Albion’s plan to locate DedSec operatives.

If you liked all of these additions to the Watch Dogs: Legion, you’ll be happy to know that Ubisoft plans more content. Players will have access to new PvP modes for free: the “Extraction”, and the popular “Invasion”. There’s also going to be a new tactical Op, “Project Omni” which is an intense tactical mission with tons of strategizing. Season Pass owners can look forward to the late June when Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline is released. This is a new storyline with the character of Aiden Pearce. What’s more, Darcy, a new playable character will arrive in August.

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