Zelda TOTK Fireproof Elixir Recipe

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom features a huge open world that is filled with all sorts of wonders and dangers. So it’s a good thing that it also provides you with all the tools necessary to deal with any foe or hazard that you may face. One of the most important things that you are going to need to figure out how to do in Zelda TotK is – how to protect yourselves against fire. Without this, you won’t be able to venture into some areas without taking damage until you burn up. While there are several ways to do this, the simplest – and most reliable – method to gain fire resistance is to make and use Fireproof Elixir. Here’s the recipe for Fireproof Elixir in Zelda TotK.

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Zelda TOTK Fireproof Elixir Recipe
Zelda TOTK Fireproof Elixir Recipe

How to Make Fireproof Elixir Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

to make a Fireproof Elixir in Zelda TotK, you are going to need either a Fireproof Lizard or Smotherwing Butterfly, and a Monster Part. You can find Fireproof Lizards in the Eldin Canyon and Eldin Mountains, while Smotherwing Butterflies reside in Eldin Canyon and Gerudo Highlands. Of course, if you are not up to hunting these, you can also purchase Fireproof Lizards from Beedle, who can be found at Woodland Stable.

As for the Monster Part, while it really doesn’t matter which one you use to make the Fireproof Elixir, the quality of the Monster Part is going to increase its duration. Also, if you want to prolong the duration of the Fireproof Elixir even further, you are going to need to put in more Fireproof Lizards or Smotherwing Butterflies into the mix. For the best Fireproof Elixir results, you’ll want to use x3 Fireproof Lizards and x2 different high quality Monster Parts (or x1 Dragon Horn). Alternatively, you can use x4 Smotherwing Butterflies and x1 Dragon Horn. But if you don’t want to bother with making Fireproof Elixirs, you can always simply buy some at locations such as the Foothill Stable or at the Goron City. Or, you can get the Flamebreaker Armor which has the same permanent fire resistance effect.

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    Matthew Shafer

    The statement ” the monster part doesn’t matter and your going to need more lizards or butterflies ” is wrong . The quality of the monster part has the biggest impact on duration . To obtain the highest duration the formula is 3 fireproof lizards plus 2 DIFFERENT monster parts of high quality or 1 dragon horn and also 4 smotherwing butterflies and 1 dragon horn .

    1. Thank you for pointing that out, we have updated the guide.

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    Steve cruz

    Common sense would to say how long this last…smh😮‍💨

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