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How to Block & Improve Blocking

Blocking is a move used to prevent incoming damage in Injustice 2. It’s a useful trick that lets you change the dynamic of the match, interrupt combos before the opponent even starts chaining attacks, and more. In other words, it’s a technique you’ll have to learn, if you plan on playing the game at all. […]

How to Get Diamond & Platinum Mother Box

Mother boxes are loot crates in Injustice 2. There are several rarities, with different kinds of rewards – diamond and platinum are the rarest ones. They’re guaranteed to contain epic gear, so you should always aim to collect as many as possible. As you’d expect, they’re pretty hard to obtain. In this guide, we’re going […]

How to Unlock Skins & Alternate Costumes

Skins are alternate costumes in Injustice 2. They completely change the look of your character, while keeping the moveset. Using premier skines, you can make Captain Cold look and sound like Mr. Freeze. They don’t offer any gameplay advantages – they’re purely cosmetic. Sadly, they’re really hard to unlock, as they require a special currency. […]

How to Get Epic Gear

Epic gear is the rarest kind of item in Injustice 2. These gold items offer the best stat boosts to your fighters, but they’re also the hardest to get. You’ll have to obtain them the same way you got lesser items, but there are some shortcuts you can take. Sort of. In this guide, we’re […]

How to Unlock Gear & Items – Head, Torso, Arms, Legs, Special

Gear are items you can equip your characters with in Injustice 2. It’s a new system, one that allows you to customize your fighters and improve their combat abilities. Each character has five gear slots – head, torso, arms, legs and special. The special slot is different for everyone – Wonder Woman has weapons, Superman […]

Prey 2017 Review

There are games that stay embedded in your memory, no matter how much time passes or how many other games you play. Half-Life, System Shock, Bioshock and Deus Ex are those classics that stuck with me throughout the years, because of their atmosphere and something special in their setting and storytelling that got carved into […]

Grant Lockwood Location – Disgruntled Employee Optional Objective

Disgruntled Employee is a side quest in Prey. It involves finding Grant Lockwood, a former employee who missed his shuttle to Earth. There are several steps to this quest – most are pretty straightforward, but the game doesn’t tell you about the most important one at all. In this guide, we’re going to show you […]

Morgan Male / Female Differences – Advantages to playing each

You can choose whether to play as the male or female version of Morgan Yu in Prey. This changes some things in the game, and players are wondering about the advantages to playing each. You make your choice before you start playing, and it is final – you can’t change it during the game. It’s […]

Prey All Endings

Endings in Prey are multiple, and they depend on your actions. You get to decide the ultimate fate of Talos I, the Typhon, the crew, and your own. You can trigger either the Perdition Ending or the A Mind Without Limits Ending. This guide will help you unlock all Prey endings. Prey All Endings To […]

Alternate Paths – Secret Passage & Shortcut Locations

Alternate paths are shortcuts and secret passages in Prey. They allow you to enter places that require particular keycards or keycodes, without having those cards or codes. There’s a bunch of them across the station, and they’re fairly easy to miss. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Prey Alternative Routes we find, […]

Zelda BotW Kass Secret Shrine Locations and Riddle Solutions

Zelda Breath of the Wild has more than a hundred shrines for you to find in its wonderful world. These are important because completing them gives you Spirit Orbs that you can exchange for additional hearth containers or bonus stamina (four spirit orbs for one health or stamina upgrade), and after completing all 120 shrines […]

Rupee Farming – How to make money

Rupees are the currency used in Zelda Breath of The Wild. They’re really hard to get, and you’ll need a whole lot of them. Armor is expensive, housing even more so. If you just sell the stuff you find, the steady trickle of money won’t cover your needs. Thankfully, we’ve found a great way to […]

Zelda BotW Recovered Memory Locations Map – Locked Mementos Quest

Memory locations in the Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild are a very important thing for the player to find. Link lost his memories and finding these lost mementos is important in order to discover his past and uncover the story of how things are the way they are, but also, recovered memories take […]

Unbreakable Weapon Locations

Unbreakable weapons are items that have infinite durability in Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. They never break, and can be used forever. No matter their stats, they’re great because they’re reliable. There’s only a handful of them, and you’ll have to work hard to get them. In this guide, we’re going to show […]

Zelda BotW Shrine Locations Map – Find & Complete all 120

Shrines are places of trial located throughout Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild’s map. They’re like small dungeons. Once inside, you’ll have to complete platforming challenges and various other puzzles. In the end, you’ll be rewarded with a spirit orb. There are 120 shrines in the game and after completing them all you’ll unlock […]

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To state that Mass Effect Andromeda had a troubled launch would be underestimating it. The initial (and continuing) issues with facial animations and other graphical glitches that are mostly present in the PC version have not been taken kindly by the fans. This reflected on the sales as well, which went far below those that […]

While we are still waiting on official confirmation, someone at the official Playstation Turkey had a twitchy twitter finger. The picture was pulled after realizing that it was a bit early for official announcement, but a Turkish gaming site managed to take the screenshot before that. Life is Strange is a melancholic story on friendship, […]

Alan Wake was announced to be pulling from Steam a couple of weeks ago. There were issues with extending licensing issues regarding the music and apparently this was not successful with regards to Alan Wake. The somewhat weird add-on, American Nightmare, is still alive on the store, as its licensing problems were resolved. What nobody […]

Ubisoft has confirmed some of the new features that they’ll be adding to Far Cry 5. Some of the most important points include character creation and a fully co-op campaign. You’ll now be able to make your own character and play through the entire game with friends, although, you’ll only be able to do so […]

Star Trek Bridge Crew is a VR game that allows you to play as a crew member of the USS Aegis along with several friends, exploring uncharted space. Each player fills a specific role, which should offer a lot of replay value. There are also daily missions to partake in. The game comes with a […]

The new mod for Fallout 4 called Pilgrim transforms the game into a nightmarish, Silent Hill-like landscape. It changes the weather and environmental lighting to create an unsettling atmosphere, as well as adds dynamic music to create a strong sense of dread. Fallout 4 Pilgrim Mod Turns Game into Foggy Nightmare We can all agree […]

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Starpoint Gemini Warlords is a space game made by a small indie developer. This could raise some red flags right away (so many people have already been burned by “space game” and “indie” and “early access”) if it wasn’t for the fact that SPG Warlords is a successor to Starpoint Gemini 2, a well-received game […]

Do we need a Quake game at this point in time? For many years the original Quake III Arena was the reigning champion of FPS multiplayer. UT, Counter Strike and others were worthy competitors, but nothing was as fast-paced and made you rely on your personal skills as the original Quake did. Fast forward 20 […]

Rogue Process is the final boss in The Surge. There are two phases in this fight – the first one isn’t too troublesome, while the second can be a pain. After you’ve defeated this boss, the final cutscene will play, and the game will end. In this guide, we’re going to how to beat Surge […]

PAX is the first boss in The Surge. He’s a giant bipedal robot you’ll fight in the Rocket Assembly Station. If you take the time to examine his moves, he’s quite easy to deal with. Seeing how he’s the first serious threat you’ll face, it’s easy to get nervous and miss some obvious tells he […]

Darkseid is a preorder bonus character in Injustice 2. This means you’ll get him for free if you’ve bought the game before release day. However, there are some issues, and a bunch of people are having trouble unlocking their bonus, not receiving the code, etc. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to […]

Hardware Labs is the third area you’ll go to while playing through Prey’s main story. It’s a place where Dr. Calvino does his research, and it’s connected to the main lobby. The trouble with getting there is that all the routes are heavily guarded by Typhon. Luckily, there’s a way to take them down without […]

Awkward Ride Home achievement is one of the trophies in Prey. To get the trophy, you have to complete a series of steps, most of which involve killing people. When you complete Prey, there should be only you and one specific crew member alive. Since what you need to do is convoluted, we’ve made a […]

Prey allows you to craft things using a device called a fabricator and a bunch of materials. Those materials are obtained by dismantling gear you don’t need and recycling junk items you find across the station. However, there’s an exploit that lets you multiply your crafting components, letting you build up an unreasonably large stockpile […]

I and Thou achievement is a gold trophy in Prey. In order to get it, you need to finish the game with as much empathy points as possible. There’s a point system in the game that calculates your overall empathy depending on your actions. Certain actions decrease your empathy, even beyond repair. That’s why we’ll […]

Coffee Break achievement is one of the trophies in Prey. You can get it by finding Dr. Calvino’s secret stash. The stash is hidden somewhere in the Hardware Labs are, but it’s hard to find, and even harder to access. In this guide, we’re going to show you Lorenzo Calvino’s secret stash location and how […]

Prey preorder bonus items are a set of useful materials, tools and weapons you’ll receive for buying the game before release. You don’t have to earn them in the game, since you already practically paid for them. You only have to find them. They’re in a pretty obvious spot, but it’s not accessible from the […]

Passwords in Prey are necessary to unlock workstations in Prey. You’ll need them to access the various locked computers on Talos I. They’re usually written down on sticky notes. Usually,they’re near the workstation, but not always. Also, some of the passwords are randomized, so where to find them is important, which is why we’ll list […]