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The Evil Within – All Chapter Walkthroughs and Guides

The Evil Within is a new survival horror game that will give you the spooks. This intricate game is filled with puzzles, dangerous monsters, and mysterious forces that create a dynamic and action-packed world to explore. Game was produced by the famous Shinji Mikami, known for being involved in the making of Resident Evil and […]

Chapter 15 – An Evil Within

Chapter 15 – An Evil Within is the last chapter of the game and it will take you through some new and unique areas. You’ll find only a few lore collectibles in this chapter and I haven’t found any key stone statues here (yet). Be warned that, despite my best intentions, guide bellow contains story […]

Chapter 3 – Claws of the Horde Guide

Chapter 3 – Claws of the Horde takes place in the area with several houses and a lot of enemies. The mission will reunite you with a member of the group that was left in the hospital, when you start the search for Leslie.

Chapter 14 – Ulterior Motives

Chapter 14 – Ulterior Motives – is slightly longer than the previous chapter. There is not a lot of background story being conveyed here. It feels like a chapter that had to be inserted to make the game a little longer. The whole point of the chapter is to reach the subway train. Subway Station […]

Chapter 13 – Casualties

Chapter 13 – Casualties – continues The Evil Within story and you can notice that we are getting closer to the end because of the intensity of the situations First part of the apartment building Next to Joseph, on a nightstand next to the bed, is the first collectible Personal Document: “Journal Entry – September […]


Marooned is the third main story mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and we have a detailed guide with a screenshot walkthrough to help you defeat Deadlift and find and summon your very own Moon Zoomey vehicle.

Follow your Heart

Guide to Follow your Heart optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. We show location of the person you need to deliver to and where to hang the posters

Tales from Elpis

You get Tales from Elpis optional mission from Janey Springs, a mechanic with a hearth of gold, once you complete the second Main Story mission “Lost Legion Invasion“. Mission requires you to locate several “children stories” Springs wrote and managed to lose along the way. We get to discover some back story about Janey and […]

Land among the stars

Land among the starts is a fun little optional mission in Broderlands: The Pre-Sequel that will require you to master the ground slam move in order to complete the mission’s objective. We have a screenshot guide to help you achieve this.

Lost Legion Invasion

You and Handsome Jack will try to get off of Helios station in the second mission of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – Lost Legion Invasion. All escape ships get destroyed so you will have to find a more creative way to get off the space station. Once you do get yourself to Pandora’s moon you’ll have […]

Xur Strange Coins Vendor Location October 31st

Xur Strange Coins Vendor location October 31st with item list and screenshots of available exotic items in Strange Coin Vendor’s stock.

Destiny expansion The Dark Below available December 9th

Today, Bungie team has officially announce the first Destiny expansion The Dark Below. This update is scheduled for December 9th, and Destiny fans can expect new weapons, armor, and gear earned in new story quests and missions, three new competitive multiplayer arenas, and a new Strike and Raid.

Destiny Halloween Update adds Pumpkin Head and Sparrows

After the latest Destiny’s patch a bunch of unannounced items appeared in the game and announced Halloween! Halloween Consumables All Hallow’s Eve – Guardian! Do not forget that you returned from the dark. Celebrate these days of the risen dead. The first and the most interesting item can be collected from the Postmaster in […]

Weekly Heroic and Nightfall strike solo – The Nexus

For the week of October 28th – November 4th you will have the option of playing the Nexus strike as part of your weekly heroic and nightfall challenges. These weekly challenges are designed to be played in a group of 32 players from level 22-28 for weekly heroic strike and lvl 28+ for nightfall weekly […]

Destiny Patch Notes October 28th

Destiny Update just went live, which means that many changes regarding player experience in the Raid have been deployed. This update also improves the overall servers stability. General Fixed an issue in which multiple errors reported with Zebra error codes Errors previously reporting as Zebra will now display as their own separate codes Fixed […]

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With the upcoming GTA V release for PS4, Xbox One and PC the fans are wondering whether they’ll be able to transfer their characters and progression from the old-gen consoles to the new ones? The answer to this question is yes, but it will be available on a later date, says Rockstar on their official […]

AC Unity fans got some more pre-release content to enjoy. A brand new website has been launched containing an interactive trailer. The community took part in the creation process by creating over 200,000 favorite assassins, out of whom the best 1400 have been picked to be portrayed. While watching the trailer, you can pause at […]

In a recent interview for Girls On Games Alex Hutchinson, Ubisoft’s Creative Director, talks about Far Cry 4. The interview touches upon Pagan Min, the oppressive tyrant of Kyrat. Alex reveals that choices are big part of the game and they influence the rest of the game – some objectives and missions will change. It […]

If you own PS3 or Xbox 360 GTA V version, and plan to return when the new-gen or PC version comes out, you’re in for a big surprise by Rockstar Games. The content list prepared for the returning players keeps getting longer, as the developers have more surprises in store in the following days. New […]

A brand new youtube video with a money glitch that could be completed solo is available for all GTA 5 fans. The glitch involves hiding behind a fence which makes you invulnerable while killing the cops.

While playing GTA 5 you can level up 8 character skills – Stamina, Shooting, Strength, Stealth, Flying, Driving, Lung Capacity, and Special. In this guide you’ll discover the main role of each skill and the easiest way to upgrade it.

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Destiny’s Vault of Glass raid has several treasures to be found by guardians. You are rewarded by ascendant materials and items when you go past a section of a boos fight or kill a boss, but there are also three loot chests hidden around the raid map that also reward both items and crafting materials. […]

Guardians, it’s Friday again and we are all waiting for Mr Xur, Strange Coin vendor, to show up somewhere in the Tower, and offers a brand new exotic items.

Chapter 12 – The Ride – is one of the shortest chapters. This doesn’t affect the level of fun you’ll have while playing it thought. I’ve managed to find only one archive piece, Map Fragment 24. The whole chapter consists of four events which have a lot of combat. Fighting vs. the large spider monster […]

The first Destiny’s DLC “The Dark Below” is scheduled for December, but Bungie team still hasn’t unveiled any particular information about the upcoming update. Recent leaks posted by DLC tester, shed some light on this subject and reveals that a new raid, and the third subclasses might be unlocked.

Chapter 11, Reunion, takes place in the city. This creates a really nice change of pace from the previous chapters. There is also a feeling that there is much more shooting going on. Stone statues that give keys are positioned at the funniest locations. Don’t even get me started about the new type of weapon […]

Chapter 10 – The Craftsman’s Tools is one of the longer chapters. It provides us with more information about the new character that is inside a cell in hospital’s main hub. Be sure to check out his cell whenever you enter this part of the game. Later on, you come across the same 6 legged […]