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Destiny Xur Location and items December 19th

It’s Xurday again, and that can only mean one thing – the hunt for new exotics has begun. If you’re looking for the Strange Coin vendor Xur this December 19th, you’re at the right place. Once he shows up somewhere in the Tower, you’ll be able to exchange your hardly obtained Strange Coins or Motes […]

Husk of the Pit – Necrochasm Exotic evolution guide

Husk of the Pit is an auto rifle that started appearing in Destiny after the 12/16/2014 hotfix patch ( One of the additions in the game states that Bungie “added a replayable node to the Director for the ‘Fist of Crota’ mission”. This is a story mission you can play if you have the new […]

The Dark Below Dead Ghost locations

Destiny’s Dark Below expansion contains six new Dead Ghosts. Unlike the majority of the dead ghosts that were scattered throughout the maps, these six can be found inside the missions. The first three dead ghosts are hidden on the planet Earth, in the mission “Siege of the Warmind”. The last three are in the new […]

Best place for farming glimmer in the Dark Below

According to a brand new video on BussDriva DH’s youtube channel, there is a new glimmer farming spot in Destiny. If you have the Dark Below expansion, start the new strike The Will of Crota in Cosmodrome. The farming spot is in the first area where you encounter enemies. You can clear all the enemies […]

Fastest way to grind Vanguard Commendations and Reputation

The first Destiny expansion brought many changes to the current method for purchasing Legendary items. In addition to existing currencies that players use for purchasing gear and weapons from different vendors, the Dark Below DLC introduces a new one named Vanguard Commendation. These Commendations are tokens you gain after increasing reputation rank with Vanguard vendor. […]

Sync Point Locations – Political Persecution Co-op

Political Persecution is a four star difficulty Co-op Mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity, in which up to four players can participate. The starting location is in Temple – La Marais district. There are four hidden Sync points inside this Co-op mission. Starting Location Sync Point Locations The first Sync Point can be easily skipped. It’s […]

Sync Point Locations – Jacobin Raid Co-op

Jacobin Raid is a four star difficulty Co-op Mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity, in which two players can participate. The starting location is in Luxembourg – Les Quartier Latin district. There are four hidden Sync points inside this Co-op mission. Starting Location Sync Point Location Inside the building where the mission starts you’ll find the […]

Cafe Theatre and Social Clubs guide

Owning and upgrading Cafe-Theatre and Social Clubs in Assassin Creed Unity is the ultimate way to earn money (Livres). Once you complete the first introduction Cafe Mission “Explore the Cafe Theatre” during the main story sequence three, you unlock the Cafe-Theatre.

All Nostradamus Enigma guides

All Nostradamus Enigmas locations guide for finding and solving every single riddle and unlocking Thomas de Carneillon Master Assassin Outfit

Gemini Nostradamus Enigma

Gemini Nostradamus Enigma was the last enigma I solved in Assassin’s Creed Unity. It was the hardest one to solve by myself and I must admit I resorted to finding the solution to the second riddle from people on youtube that solved it. I am not sure if the location of the second riddle’s solution […]

Pisces Nostradamus Enigma

Pisces Nostradamus Enigma is the only enigma in Assassin’s Creed Unity with five riddles for you to solve. We have screenshot guide to help you go through this AC Unity side mission.

AC Rogue Blueprints Elite Design Locations Guide

Elite Design Blueprints are the highest level upgrade for your ship Morrigan, and players will found them by exploring the world of AC Rogue. Blueprints are kept in specific chests scattered throughout the global map.

Native Pillars & Totems locations guide

To complete the game thoroughly, you have to find all collectibles hidden throughout the game. If you’re into collecting achievements, unlocking lore objects, and special armor, Assassin’s Creed Rogue brings you Native Pillars, which are much alike to AC4 Black Flag Mayan Stones. In total, there are 7 Native Totems scattered around the map, usually […]

Templar Maps & Templar Relics Locations Guide

In addition to the main story, Assassin’s Creed Rogue offers side activities that give players varied and interesting content to play. Finding hidden treasures has always been important part of Assassin’s Creed franchise, because it allows access to special rewards such as weapons, armour or upgrades.

How to make money in AC Rogue

Your success in Assassin’s Creed Rogue relies heavily on how well-equipped your character is. If you wonder how to make easy money in AC Rogue, we have the best tips for you to gain money from the start of the game.

Cave Paintings Locations Guide

Ubisoft’s pirate adventure, Assassin’s Creed Rogue contains a huge number of different collectibles that reward gamers with unique rewards upon collecting them all. Cave paintings are collectibles that can be found on cave walls. While exploring world of Assassin’s Creed Rogue you will come across 25 Cave Paintings in total. In order to inspect the […]

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Today RockStar Games announced Festive Surprise that will be available in Grand Theft Auto Online during this holiday season. This holiday surprise comes with a handful of explosive items, holiday pajamas, Christmas sweaters, new scarves, hats, masks and much more. EXPLOSIVE STOCKING STUFFERS Heat up your season’s greetings with brand new items stocked at Ammu-Nation: […]

In the latest Rockstar’s Asked & Answered session on the official site, GTA 5 developers unveiled some interesting information about upcoming GTA 5 release on PC.

According to the latest post on the Ubisoft’s official website, AC Unity Patch 4 that was supposed to fix frame rate problems and other bugs is on hold for a few more days. Rigorous quality control is of paramount importance to us, and your feedback over these past weeks has indicated that it is important […]

The first Destiny expansion The Dark Below launched today. It brought a good portion of new content and updates to existing items. But some people on Reddit and on Bungie’s forums were quite disappointed with Bungie’s decision to allow only those who bought The Dark Below access to this week’s Heroic and Nightfall strikes. Activision […]

Paul McCartney’s song “Hope for the Future,” that was written for Bungie’s action game Destiny, has been turned into a music video.

Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below will become available for download by players on December 9th at 1AM Pacific time. Before it arrives, this update will support the delivery of new content.

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Once you complete The Wakening quest, you’ll be able to collect two new quests from Eris. One of them is Urn of Sacrifice that requires you to purchase Urn of Sacrifice item from Xur. It costs 1 Strange Coin. Once you get the Urn, visit Eris and continue the storyline. Kill 25 Thralls In order […]

Peyote is a small white plant scattered across the map of San Andreas. It’s hard to spot, but you’ll hear a specific sound when you are close to it. After consuming this plant your character will start hallucinating and you will be transformed into a random animal such as a chicken, deer, seagull, hawk, crow, […]

We’re back once again with the same question “Where is Xur – Strange Coin vendor“? We all know that he’ll appear somewhere in the Tower, but this weekend of December 12th, Destiny’s Agent of the Nine has a special new role in the Destiny world. For the first time Guardians will be able to upgrade […]

List of all Eris Morn Bounties, their rewards and useful tips. New Bounties are available with the first Destiny expansion The Dark Below.

Destiny first expansion the Dark Below introduces the second raid named Crota’s End, available to all players who purchased the game update. Take a look at Crota’s End Raid Armor and Weapons with additional information and screenshots.

With the release of The Dark Within expansion for Destiny you will meet a new NPC – Eris Morn. She will give you a series of quests one after the other that will reward you with reputation and gear. Among these quests you will get three quests at once that require you to explore the […]

If you got The Dark Below and wanted to do the weekly Heroic and Nightfall right away you might have noticed that you are locked out of those two. Turns out you will have to do some quests for Eris Morn first!

The first legendary weapon that you will get in the new expansion is Legendary Fusion Rifle Murmur. This weapon comes as a reward for completing the following questline given by Eris Morn.

Eris Morn can be found on a small balcony to the left from the landing point. She offers a bunch of legendary Crota’s Bane faction reward items.

The Dark Bellow DLC is almost upon us. We are mere hours before it goes live on Destiny servers. Some news outlets got a chance to preview the expansion and they played through a lot of the content. They now got permission to share some of that footage with the general public and we decided […]

Destiny players who want to prepare their characters for the upcoming DLC and level up Legendary gear and weapons as fast as possible should be aware of some important facts

Destiny The Dark Below – The Cauldron Crucible Map is a small sized multiplayer map set in the abandoned Hive catacombs of the Moon.