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Episode Two Natalia Boxes Locations

Natalia’s Boxes are orange chests with an elaborate locking mechanism. They can only be found in the second chapter of the game, and Natalia is the one who has to open them via the lock picking mini-game. When you collect all nine of them, you’ll complete the Inquisitive (Episode Two) achievement, which grants access to […]

Episode Two Moira Boxes Locations

Moira’s Boxes are locked military crates that can be found during the first chapter of Episode Two of Resident Evil Revelations 2. Moira can open them by playing a lock picking mini-game. Opening all six of them will give you the Can Opener (Episode Two) achievement, which allows you to buy Concept Art No.7 – […]

Episode Two Insect Larvae Locations

Insect Larvae are the third type of collectible in Episode Two of Resident Evil Revelations 2. They are found exclusively in Barry and Natalia’s chapter, and can only be seen by Natalia. They’re basically invisible, but you can recognize them by the red cloud of vapour they emit. You need to throw bricks at them […]

Episode Two Tower Emblems Locations

Tower Emblems are one of the collectible items in Episode Two of Resident Evil Revelations 2. They appear as big, blue coins that you need to shoot in order to collect them. They can be found throughout the whole campaign (both in the Claire and Moira missions, and the Barry and Natalia ones). Once you’ve […]

Episode Two Kafka Drawing Locations

There are several types of collectibles in Episode Two of Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Kafka Drawings are fluorescent paintings hidden on walls throughout the game. They can only be discovered by Moira, if she shines her flashlight at them. When you’ve found all six of them, you’ll unlock the Sketch Artist (Episode Two) achievement. It […]

Document Locations Guide

There are nine (9) documents to be collected as part of the Episode One Files. These documents provide additional information, they describe what had happened in the area where you found them. Some of them might even be an introduction to the next episodes. The first six of them are found on Claire and Moira’s […]

All Quarantine Zone Locations Guide

There are eight Quarantine Zones in Dying Light. They aren’t shown on the in-game map until you’ve discovered them. Five of them are found in The Slums, while the other three are in Old Town. Finding them gives you an objective, and finishing the objective clears the area. Clearing the area within these Quarantine zones […]

Air Strike Blueprint Location in Antenna area

If you are a passionate Blueprint collector in Dying Light, like we are, you will want to check out this schematic. found in an unusual spot. It is located in a special area called Antenna area. This area is accessible once you reach the 13th main story mission “Broadcast”. Mission takes you through Old Town […]

Blueprint Locations in Old Town Guide

Old Town is the second area in Dying Light and in this guide we will show you locations of some very rare Blueprints used for crafting items in the game. There is a significantly smaller amount of blueprints in Old Town (compared to the number of blueprints in Slums area or one blueprint in Antenna […]

How to go from Old Town to Slums and vice versa

As you progress through the main story in Dying Light you will get to move from the Slums area (map where you start the game and do initial story missions) to Old Town. Old Town is a map comparable in size to the Slums and you get to visit it about half way through the […]

Easy Survivor XP and Bolter Tissue Farming

We found a quick and easy way for you to farm both Bolter Tissue and Survivor/Power experience in Dying Light. Process of obtaining bolter tissue shown here takes around 20 seconds to complete and it gives 1-2 Bolter tissue, 3000 Survivor experience points, around 1000 Power XP and a small amount of Agility points.

All Suger’s Legacy missions and riddles solved

With Dead Kings DLC we got a lot of new content for Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Beside several main story mission and collectibles we also got 7 new enigma puzzles to solve and they are called Suger’s Legacies. You first get introduced to these missions as part of the main story where a we are told […]

Diabolus Legacy riddle guide

Suger’s Legacy III – Diabolus, together with Suger’s Legacy V – Crux, is part of the two missions that you need to complete in order to be able to start the main story mission Sequence 13 memory 4 – “Raising the Dead” in Dead Kings DLC. Starting location of Diabolus is above the main entrance […]

Crux Suger’s Legacy V Guide

Before you can start Sequence 13 memory 4 – “Raising the Dead” you have to complete two Suger’s Legacies Crux and Diabolus. Starting location for the fifth Legacy Crux is in the southern Franciade, Windmill district, just north from the fast travel location. You have to solve three riddles, but their locations are in close […]

Dies Suger’s Legacy Riddles guide

Dies is the seventh and final Suger’s Legacy. These are a set of missions in the free Dead Kings DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Unity that, once all completed, reward you with a unique sword Eagle of Suger. Dies enigma takes us back to where the whole Suger’s Legacy began – St. Denis Basilica. All riddle […]

Noctis Suger’s Legacy

Noctis is marked as the sixth Suger’s Legacy. It is another enigma style mission that gets unlocked once you complete Sequence 13, Memory 3 main story mission. It starts near Abbey of St. Denis in Basilica section of the map. It is a one star difficulty mission and its riddles are not too convoluted, but […]

Natura Suger’s Legacy

Suger’s Legacies are what enigmas were before Dead Kings DLC was released. Natura is labeled as the fourth Legacy puzzle and its start can be found in the Windmill district. It is connected to nature’s elements and all riddles make reference to them so you will be hunting for air, fire, earth and water. All […]

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Fresh footage of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been shown on GDC 2015, during Nvidia’s conference. It’s only a couple of minutes long, since it was only meant to showcase Nvidia’s streaming technology, but some new environments can be seen, and the game does look stunning. The video features Geralt exploring a forest while […]

Hand in hand with the previously mentioned Heists, the March 10th update will bring new PvP modes and Freemode activities to GTA Online. Three new Adversary Modes await, and will unlock as players progress through Heists. Come Out To Play pits three Runners against a team of Hunters – the former need to reach a […]

A timer has appeared on the Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain website. What is it counting down towards? Nobody knows. An announcement of some kind, that much is certain – thanks to the big, grey letters next to it saying “ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON”. What kind of announcement, though? Your guess is as good […]

Later today, Destiny players will be treated with a new addition to the Crucible – Inferno playlists. The first game mode to be unveiled is Inferno Control, “a PVP experience that’s more about basic gunplay and achieving more with less”, according to senior designer Leif Johansen. The most important thing about Inferno is that you […]

During the latest Active Time Report broadcast, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has revealed some nuggets of info about the game, while playing through part of the demo. If you skip to 01:37:00, you can watch him play – there’s a bit of roaming around the wilderness, followed by clearing a dungeon. The demo […]

Square Enix has released an all-encompassing, eight-minute-long trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. It shows fresh story bits, characters old and new, combat, the skill progression system and more. Long-standing Final Fantasy fans will feel right at home here, but newcomers to the series might be intimidated by the sheer number of characters, places and […]

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There are several locked boxes in Resident Evil Revelations 2 that can only be opened by certain characters, through the lockpicking mini-game. Moira can open the boxes in the first half, while Natalia can open the ones in the second half of the game. In this guide, we will show you how to find both […]

There are several locked boxes in Resident Evil Revelations 2 that can only be opened by certain characters, through the lockpicking mini-game. Moira can open the boxes in the first half, while Natalia can open the ones in the second half of the game. In this guide, we will show you how to find all […]

There are eight (8) Tower Emblems in Episode One of Resident Evil: Revelations 2. The Emblems are shiny, round coins scattered around the area that you acquire by shooting them. Once you destroy them, you’ll receive acknowledgment of your achievement. Four of them are found in the Claire and Moira scenario, and the other four […]

There are several types of collectibles in Resident Evil Revelations 2. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get one of them, the Insect Larvae. Found exclusively during Barry’s scenario, they can only be seen by Natalia. They appear as a faint red vapour – very hard to spot if you’re not actively looking […]

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 has several collectibles for you to find in Episode One and Kafka Drawings are one of them. They can be found only during the Claire and Moire mission by using the flashlight with Moire to discover them on the walls. When you find all six of them you will complete the […]

The Order: 1886 Chapter 5 – Agamemnon Rising takes place inside the airship Agamemnon. In addition to a breathtaking view of London below the airship, this chapter tells important story that has influence on the events that follow. Chapter 4 takes place on the Fifteenth Day of October, 1886. Infiltrate the Agamemnon The only thing […]

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get through The Order: 1886 Chapter 4 – An Endless Battle, which sees you entering and exploring the hospital after making your way through Whitechapel. We’ll also mark the locations of all the collectible items you can find along the way. The events of this chapter unfold […]

In this walkthrough we will guide you through the third chapter of The Order: 1886, called Inequalities. We’ll also list the locations of all the collectibles available – newspapers, objects, photos/documents and phonograph cylinders. After you’re done talking to Tesla, your next task will be to find and explore the London Hospital. You’ll go to […]

Chapter 2 in The Order: 1886 is called Amongst Equals and it takes place in one of the most uniquely designed surroundings that will surely blow you away. I am one of those players that doesn’t care much for a lot of talking in games, but, by just looking around the room, it made all […]

Order 1886 starts with a prologue called Once a Knight that continues into the first chapter – Always a Knight. Events of the prologue happen during the twentieth day of November, 1886. They cover the escape of the main protagonist from prison. We are introduced to basic movement and inspect commands along with how the […]

There are hotkeys for almost every move you perform in The Order:1886, and if you are not familiar with them, it will drastically slow down your gameplay. The following default controls provide shortcuts to many of the most frequently used commands: Movement Controls LS – move RS – Look L3 – move faster (while pushing […]

With The Order: 1886, right around the corner, we’ve decided to write down some basic tips for playing the game more efficiently. Some of these come from our powers of super-human perception and deduction, while others are words of wisdom straight from Dana Jan, the game’s director. Weapon Tips Arc Induction Lance – It’s a […]