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The latest interview with DeeJ, Bungie’s Community manager, unveils some interesting information about beta testing period where participated more than 4.6 million players

I have been itching to get back into the Borderlands universe. Yes, the DLC content was abundant and released regularly, but getting my hands on some meatier content is just what the doctor prescribed. After a huge success Borderlands 2 had with over 8 million copies sold, we were all wondering what’s next in line […]

New Destiny trailer explores planet Venus, unveils new enemies, and gives us an exclusive sneak-peek at this planet and its story.

GTA 5 The San Andreas Flight School Update brings in a collection of new air and land vehicles, aerial solo challenges and easier money earning.

Gamescom 2014, Europe’s biggest video games expo, in a form of an image collection of some great costumes and big-hitting title booths that you could come across in crowded halls.

Bioware revealed a link to a trailer named YOU’VE BEEN CHOSEN, that unveils a horror teaser for something named “Nightmare”.

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Destiny Achievements and Trophies list with details and corresponding number of Gamerscore points and Trophy values.

ESO Khenarthi’s Roost Skyshards Locations Guide contains screenshots and explanations where to collect 6 shards in the tutorial land for Aldmeri Dominion players level 3-5.

Glenumbra is the first map after Stros M’Kai and Betnikh tutorial lands, optimal for Daggerfall Covenant players level 8-15. It contains 16 skyshards scattered throughout the map.

Locations for all Skyshards in Bleakrock Isle tutorial zone for Ebonheart Pact players lvl 3-5. One of the shards is hidden inside Hozzin’s Folly cave.

Betnikh Skyshards map guide with screenshots and detailed instructions will help you collect all skyshards in the tutorial land for Daggerfall Covenant players lvl 3-5.

SP: The Stick of Truth offers you to look like David Hasselhoff. All you have to do is to visit Tom’s Rhinoplasty, talk to receptionist and choose “Select procedure” option. When a new window pops up, choose The Hasselhoff Nose job for $175. If you complete the game with Hasselhoff Costume on, you will get […]

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Garrett, the Master Thief, is a dark and lonely thief with an unrivaled set of skills. The game is composed of thieving objectives, picking pockets and a locks, hidden collectibles, secret areas, and we have walkthroughs and guides to help you through them.
The Walking Dead Season Two is a sequel to the last year's hit The Walking Dead and a continuation of a story, inspired by the comic book of the same name.
Fourth installment of Assasin's Creed franchise brings a huge world for you to explore. As always, it is filled with secret collectibles and lore related tidbits for you to collect. We play through the game trying to collect all the most important information and provide you with screenshot guides to help you find particularly annoying and well hidden item.
Call of Duty: Ghosts offers new chapter where players are on the side of a crippled nation fighting not for freedom, but simply to survive. For the first time, players will be able to customize their soldiers and squads in multiplayer mode. As always, we'll try to provide important guides to help you be one step ahead of other players.
Grand Theft Auto 5 is an open world, action-adventure video game published by Rockstar Games. The game is composed of elements from driving and action-adventure games, and features open world gameplay, in which players can interact with the game world at their leisure.
Tomb Raider in 2013 follows a younger Lara Croft through her adventures and we have walkthroughs and guides to help you through them.

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Friends locations guide with screenshots will show you how to find all the Friends and complete More Popular Than John Lennon achievement

The Walking Dead Season Two walkthrough for the Episode 2 A House Divided. Contains guide for all major choices, what to do and where to go in this incredible adventure game.

Thief PC version launched with several issues. We described most of the issues you might encounter and suggested their solutions.

There are 8 warehouses you can plunder in Assassin’s Creed 4, while the 9th one comes as a part of Exclusive Unlockable Content on new island, Black Island (985,626). Assassin’s Creed 4 Warehouse Locations Guide with screenshots and detailed instructions about warehouse locations and cargo value.

Dead Rising 3 introduces vehicles not only as transportation but as an extension of combat and survival. You’ll be able to build and customize a huge variety of unique combo vehicles by holding RB while standing between two proper vehicles.

Dead Rising 3 introduces more than 100 different Combo Weapons, including 37 Super Weapons divided into several groups. In order to combine new Super Weapon, you have to find corresponding gold Blueprint, and the next weapon will become available.