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Chapter 13 – Casualties

Chapter 13 – Casualties – continues The Evil Within story and you can notice that we are getting closer to the end because of the intensity of the situations First part of the apartment building Next to Joseph, on a nightstand next to the bed, is the first collectible Personal Document: “Journal Entry – September […]

Chapter 12 – The Ride

Chapter 12 – The Ride – is one of the shortest chapters. This doesn’t affect the level of fun you’ll have while playing it thought. I’ve managed to find only one archive piece, Map Fragment 24. The whole chapter consists of four events which have a lot of combat. Fighting vs. the large spider monster […]

Chapter 11 – Reunion

Chapter 11, Reunion, takes place in the city. This creates a really nice change of pace from the previous chapters. There is also a feeling that there is much more shooting going on. Stone statues that give keys are positioned at the funniest locations. Don’t even get me started about the new type of weapon […]

Chapter 10 – The Craftsman’s Tools

Chapter 10 – The Craftsman’s Tools is one of the longer chapters. It provides us with more information about the new character that is inside a cell in hospital’s main hub. Be sure to check out his cell whenever you enter this part of the game. Later on, you come across the same 6 legged […]

Chapter 9 – The Cruelest Intentions

Chapter 9 – The Cruelest Intentions is chapter full of lore. It has many short cutscenes that enrich the story of The Evil Within. Finally you can find out about some parts of the story hiding behind the main theme. It was really fun to play through. Note: Be sure to keep at least one […]


Marooned is the third main story mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and we have a detailed guide with a screenshot walkthrough to help you defeat Deadlift and find and summon your very own Moon Zoomey vehicle.

Follow your Heart

Guide to Follow your Heart optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. We show location of the person you need to deliver to and where to hang the posters

Tales from Elpis

You get Tales from Elpis optional mission from Janey Springs, a mechanic with a hearth of gold, once you complete the second Main Story mission “Lost Legion Invasion“. Mission requires you to locate several “children stories” Springs wrote and managed to lose along the way. We get to discover some back story about Janey and […]

Land among the stars

Land among the starts is a fun little optional mission in Broderlands: The Pre-Sequel that will require you to master the ground slam move in order to complete the mission’s objective. We have a screenshot guide to help you achieve this.

Lost Legion Invasion

You and Handsome Jack will try to get off of Helios station in the second mission of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – Lost Legion Invasion. All escape ships get destroyed so you will have to find a more creative way to get off the space station. Once you do get yourself to Pandora’s moon you’ll have […]

Leaked Details about new Destiny’s Subclasses and Raid

The first Destiny’s DLC “The Dark Below” is scheduled for December, but Bungie team still hasn’t unveiled any particular information about the upcoming update. Recent leaks posted by DLC tester, shed some light on this subject and reveals that a new raid, and the third subclasses might be unlocked.

Xur Strange Coins Vendor Location October 17th

Strange Coins Vendor Xur, Agent of the Nine, makes an appearance in the Tower each Friday. New exotic and legendary gear and weapons will be available in his stock from October 17th until October 19th

Strange Coins Vendor Location and Items October 10th

Strange Coins Vendor Xur, Agent of the Nine, has returned again this weekend. New exotic and legendary gear and weapons will be available in his stock from October 10th until October 12th.

Iron Banner guide with tips and rewards

A brand new Destiny event titled Iron Banner is scheduled for October 7th. This special Crucible event is time limited, thus, players can show off their PvP skills and gear until October 14th.

What is Light and how to increase level cap in Destiny

When you hit Destiny’s base level cap (20), higher level gear items get additional stat named Light. This stat is very important in your further leveling, because you stop gaining levels from experience points, but based on a number of Light points on your gear.

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Bungie has announced a series of new changes with the upcoming hotfix, the most controversial being the one about the Atheon encounter in the Vault of Glass raid. They also state that they will fix the issue of Atheon getting knocked off a ledge, as they consider it a bug. Biggest concern among the playerbase […]

Far Cry 4 collector’s edition is titled Kyrat Edition, and fans of this franchise can order it for $130. In addition to exclusive game content Hurk’s Redemption and weapon, Collector’s box comes loaded with Map of Kyrat, Travel Journal, Propaganda poster, and Pagan Min figurine.

We are only a little above 3 weeks before the release of the next sequel of Assasin’s Creed. Ubisoft decided to give us an introduction to the cast of AC 5: Unity. Napoleon Bonaparte, Marquis de Sade, Robespierre as well as some characters which are fictional, are just some of the people who the players […]

A month before the release of GTA V Online for PS4 and Xbox One, Rockstar Games team has unveiled more details about upcoming changes and improvements to GTA Online. With major visual and technical upgrades, the world of Los Santos and Blaine County will look more amazing than ever. On the note of graphics, we […]

The Polish developer, CD PROJEKT RED, behind the Witcher franchise, is preparing to unveil the opening cinematic for the open world RPG fantasy adventure – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Far Cry 4 is scheduled to be released in North America and Europe on November 18th, 2014, followed by Australia on November, 20th.

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While wandering through the Evil Within’s rooms and catacombs you will come across a bunch of different items important for your survival. The first on the list are keys, that can be used to open lockers in the “safe room”, and get valuable loot.

Chapter 8 – A Planted Seed Will Grow is the shortest chapter in the game so far. This, however, doesn’t affect the number of archive lore collectibles and number of stone statues that give keys.

Chapter 7 – The Keeper starts inside the Church and takes you through Church’s catacombs. During this chapter you can expect to acquire a large number of crafting materials for Agony Crossbow Bolts. They are acquired through trap disarming, and there are a lot of traps to be disarmed in this chapter.

During your adventure through the survival horror game The Evil Within, you’ll be able to complete 41 Achievements / Trophies. For the console players platinum trophy “Pure Evil” will be unlocked upon obtaining all trophies in the game.

The six chapter starts with a short cut-scene in the hospital’s main hub. From the hospital’s central room go into the hallway, and you will see the nurse. She leads you towards a new hallway where you should enter the last room.

Chapter 5 – Inner Recesses takes place in the Hospital once again. This is a very long chapter and it is probably among the longest in the game. At this point the bloody atmosphere really starts to get under your skin. What makes this chapter long are small events, large number of small cutscenes and […]