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Battlepacks in Battlefield 1 – How to get them

Battlefield 1 Battlepacks are loot crates. Opening them will grant you rewards like weapon skins and melee weapon puzzle pieces. You can get them by simply playing the multiplayer, but that’s kind of slow. There’s another way, though, which might be faster, depending on how much you’re willing to sacrifice. In this guide, we’re going […]

Aggressive Recon Guide

Aggressive recon is a Battlefield 1 play style utilized by the scout class. It became popular in previous games, but it is as useful now as it was then. Playing the aggressive recon requires a certain level of skill and accuracy to be effective on the battlefield. You’ll need to be quick and precise, but […]

How to Change Loadouts in BF1

The weapons you can use in Battlefield 1 depend on which class you choose. But that’s not all. Every class has several different primary weapons, as well as a handful of sidearms, melee weapons, gadgets and more. You can customize your loadout to make the most out of your limited carrying capacity. There are several […]

Rank Up Classes – How to

Ranking up classes in Battlefield 1 can be a bit slow. The amount of experience points needed to advance is very high, and if you’re not playing optimally, the amount you get for every match is somewhat low. There are ways to rank up faster, mind you. Following this advice will unlock different weapons and […]

How many players – BF1

As is tradition, Battlefield 1 is mainly focused on multiplayer. Some game modes are designed for small, intimate experiences, while others will be better suited to be enjoyed in larger groups. The number of max players has been pretty constant across games in the series. The question on everyone’s lips is: how many players will […]

Singleplayer Campaign in BF1

Although Battlefield 1 is mainly about multiplayer, it still features a single player campaign. It’s divided into five War Stories. It’s much better than in any of the previous Battlefield games, and features many memorable characters and gameplay moments. Each one has multiple missions for you to complete, with collectibles that unlock more interesting facts. […]

Pyromancer’s Parting Flame

Pyromancer’s Parting Flame is a new pyro flame in Dark Souls 3. It was added in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. It can be found in a secret zone in the new area, Painted World of Ariandel. It has an interesting weapon art that allows you to turn kills into heals. In this guide, we’re […]

Quakestone Hammer

Quakestone Hammer is a new weapon in Dark Souls 3. It was added with the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. It’s a giant hammer that can do considerable damage, and you’ll be able to get it once you travel to the Painted World of Ariandel. It has a weapon art that can make the ground tremble […]

Sister Friede Boss Fight

Sister Friede is the first boss in Ashes of Ariandel, the new Dark Souls 3 DLC. She is hidden away in the Painted World of Ariandel, and you’ll have to explore a bit before you can fight her. The fight has three phases – one is against Father Ariandel, the other two against Elfriede. In […]

Way of White Corona

Way of White Corona is a new miracle in Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel. It can be found early on in the DLC, guarded by some pretty tough enemies. It allows you to throw a glowing disc that cuts through enemies, then returns to you. In this guide, we’re going to show you where […]

Frozen Weapon Sorcery

Frozen Weapon is a new sorcery in Dark Souls 3. It was added in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. It’s a spell that imbues your weapon with frost. You can find it pretty early on in the new area, Painted World of Ariandel. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Frozen […]

Ashes of Ariandel PVP Arena

Ashes of Ariandel is the upcoming Dark Souls 3 DLC. Set in a completely new area, one of the features it brings is a PVP arena. It’s a place dedicated to player versus player battling, without any pesky AI enemies to get in the way. There’s very little info about it for now, but there […]

NBA 2K17 Badges Guide

NBA 2K17 Badges are special titles that give certain bonuses when you unlocked them. They can be earned by performing certain actions in the game a certain number of times. After you’ve unlocked them, most of them can be upgraded a couple of times. In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of […]

Custom Jump Shot Creator Guide

NBA 2K17 Jump Shot Creator is a feature that allows you to combine different shots and create your own. Before you can use it, you have to get a message from Coach K. In this guide we’ll give you a detailed explanation how to unlock Custom Jump Shot Creator, how to equip Custom Jumpshots, and […]

How to get Dimer Badge in NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 has arrived and players are eager to unlock 55 badges available in the game. NBA 2K17 Dimer is one of the Signature Skills Badges, and you can find it under Playmaking archetype. Description of this badge is “An elite passer known for hitting teammates in the correct position to score“. Once you earn […]

How to get Ankle Breaker Badge in NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 is available for those who preordered the game, and players are busy unlocking badges and its Hall of Fame versions. The confirmed number of badges for NBA 2K17 is 55. NBA 2k17 Ankle Breaker is a Playmaking badge that can cause defender to stumble or fall with his dribble moves. It’s one of […]

How to get Hall of fame badges in NBA 2K17

In NBA 2K17, players can earn four different kind of badges in MyCareer: bronze, silver, gold and Hall of Fame. Each archetype has its own unique badges including an exclusive Hall of Fame badge. For the purple ones you’ll have to put a lot of time and effort to get them. If you were wondering […]

Where to find ’92 Dream Team

NBA 2K17 ’92 Dream Team is a lineup that includes the whole USA Olympic basketball team from 1992. It is a preorder bonus, and there’s no word on how to get it if you haven’t preordered the game. It can be only used in the quick game mode, sadly. In this guide, we’re going to […]

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Something has gone awry at Microsoft HQ, resulting in an surprise early release. Ashes of Ariandel, the first DLC for Dark Souls 3, has been released on Xbox One, days ahead of its official release. Players across the world are already playing it, thanks to what most probably is a mistake. People who’ve bought the […]

Nintendo has finally unveiled their new Switch console. Nintendo announced the development of a new console named NX in March 2015, and details have been scarce since. Now we finally now a little more. The video showcases the hybrid home/portable nature of the console and some gameplay. Nintendo has scheduled the release of the Switch […]

The first trailer Red Dead Redemption 2 has been officially released by Rockstar Games. We did not get any information about the main characters and story, but we did get a glimpse of the western atmosphere and foliage. The graphics and the lighting look stunning, taking advantage of the high end systems. The sky and […]

Gwent The Witcher Card Game closed Beta is only a few days away. Team GWENT got the fans excited with the two stress test events, and now we can’t wait for the Beta to drop. Meanwhile, they’re keeping the hype going by showing us new cards every so often and reminding us of the ones […]

The Watch Dogs 2 PC release will be delayed for November 29th, according to Ubisoft. The delay is necessary to ensure the best possible optimization of the game. “With this extra time, we’ll be able to ensure that Watch Dogs 2 runs smoothly across a broad range of hardware”, the release states. It will also […]

Bethesda posted a new video about their upcoming sci-fi FPS Prey. The alternate history/future video serves a s a prologue to the events of the game. It fleshes out the story of the joint U.S./U.S.S.R. project Kletka and how it became the extraterrestrial research facility known as Thalos I. The story so far In the […]

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Chocobos in Final Fantasy XV are something that everyone who likes the series is expecting. You will not be disappointed, as Chocobos have their place in the 15th installment of the Final Fantasy series. You don’t change something that works. Just like in previous entries, they serve as a means of transport. Yes, you have […]

Final Fantasy XV is coming out in a little more than a month. If you’re thinking of preordering, you’re probably fairly confused about the whole thing. There are five editions on sale right now. It’s not only they contain different things compared to each other – that would be par for the course. The problem […]

Ashes of Ariandel, the first expansion for Dark Souls 3, is going to add a lot of new equipment to the game. The most interesting of the lot are the weapons and shields. We’ve already seen a couple of new shields, as well as some swords, axes and a familiar scythe. There’s bound to be […]

Hardcore mode in Battlefield 1 is a variation of the standard mode, with different and gameplay and harder difficulty. It was a fan favorite in previous Battlefield games, and it will definitely continue in Battlefield 1. Hardcore mode requires a certain level of skill and map knowledge to be effective. In this guide, we’re going […]

Multiplayer is the most important part of Battlefield 1. It revolves around a handful of unique maps (9 for now) and several different game modes. More maps are going to be added later as DLC, but the starting map pack is the most important – it will decide if people want to play the game […]

Battlefield 1 is already out for some. Playing casually can be great fun, but if you invest enough time, you’re going to hit a skill ceiling. If you want to get as good as you can, you’re probably going to need some help. We’ve written down a bunch of tips & tricks for Battlefield 1 […]

Battlefield 1 Horses are a new addition to the series. They’re basically a vehicle, but they act differently than any other form of transportation. You’ll get a unique loadout when you mount a horse, and your strategy should change accordingly. Getting a grip on the whole thing can be a bit hard, but once you’ve […]

Battlefield 1 has started on all platforms several hours ago – as expected, some players are having troubles with the game. There are errors popping up, technical issues with certain hardware, and more. Some can be solved by doing simple tweaks to your system. Others are more grave, and will have to be fixed by […]

Throwing dynamite in Battlefield 1 can be very useful in many ways, especially in dealing with enemy vehicles and tanks. Sadly, the default throwing distance leaves much to be desired. There are ways to improve it, however. They’re mostly the same as they were in previous games, except you’re using dynamite instead of C4 charges. […]

Field Manuals are collectibles you can find in Battlefield 1. They can be obtained during the single player campaigns. In Through Mud and Blood, there are 20 of them – 5 in every mission. Each batch of five will unlock a new codex entry, so it’s worth getting them if you want to discover more […]

Battlefield 1 is right around the corner – some are even playing the trial version as we speak. The multiplayer focused shooter is going to offer lots of stuff to do, with 31 achievements (plus a platinum trophy, if you’re on Playstation) awarded for performing well. Some of them will be earned naturally through play, […]

There are several editions of Battlefield 1 currently on sale. Some will only be available until the game is released, so you have limited time to get them. Others are limited by physical stock numbers. The whole thing can get a bit confusing, and you might not realize what each one of them contains. This […]