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Wrath of The Machine Secret Chest Locations

Wrath of the Machine is the new raid in Destiny, introduced in the Rise of Iron expansion. During the raid, there will be several hidden chests to find, which drop various rewards – from glimmer and Siva key fragments to legendary and exotic weapons. The loot inside is randomized, so you might get a duplicate, […]

Wrath of the Machine Raid – Rise of Iron

Destiny’s next big expansion Rise of Iron is scheduled to launch on September 20th, exclusively on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This long awaited update introduces new solo, multiplayer and endgame content, and Destiny’s new raid called Wrath of the Machine. How to start Wrath of the Machine raid Talk to Shiro-4 in Felwinter Peak […]

How to get high level artifacts

Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion has increased Light Level cap to 385, and all Guardians who want to jump into Wrath of the Machine Raid are trying to raise their Light Level as high as possible. The latest expansion brought eight new artifacts and each of them can give you specific ability. There are several […]

Xur Location & Inventory September 23rd-25th

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for Xur’s weekly visit. This will be his first appearance since the Rise of Iron expansion launched, and there will be changes. Ready your Strange Coins – there’s no better way to spend them, and no easier way to obtain exotic items. He accepts Motes of Light as well, […]

How to get Skeleton Keys Rewards – Strike Specific Loot

Destiny: Rise of Iron introduced new changes to Strike Rewards. Strike Specific loot are no longer granted as engrams upon defeating the final boss. They are available through Strike Hoard chest that appears upon activity completion. In this guide we’ll show you how to get Destiny Skeleton Keys Rewards from Hoard chests and Strike Specific […]

Dormant SIVA Cluster Locations

Dormant SIVA Clusters are a new kind of collectible in Destiny. They have been introduced in the new expansion, Rise of Iron. They can be easily recognized by the strong red glow they emit. Collecting them will unlock Grimoire cards and give you more insight into the story of the Iron Lords, and their struggle […]

NBA 2K17 Badges Guide

NBA 2K17 Badges are special titles that give certain bonuses when you unlocked them. They can be earned by performing certain actions in the game a certain number of times. After you’ve unlocked them, most of them can be upgraded a couple of times. In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of […]

Custom Jump Shot Creator Guide

NBA 2K17 Jump Shot Creator is a feature that allows you to combine different shots and create your own. Before you can use it, you have to get a message from Coach K. In this guide we’ll give you a detailed explanation how to unlock Custom Jump Shot Creator, how to equip Custom Jumpshots, and […]

How to get Dimer Badge in NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 has arrived and players are eager to unlock 55 badges available in the game. NBA 2K17 Dimer is one of the Signature Skills Badges, and you can find it under Playmaking archetype. Description of this badge is “An elite passer known for hitting teammates in the correct position to score“. Once you earn […]

How to get Ankle Breaker Badge in NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 is available for those who preordered the game, and players are busy unlocking badges and its Hall of Fame versions. The confirmed number of badges for NBA 2K17 is 55. NBA 2k17 Ankle Breaker is a Playmaking badge that can cause defender to stumble or fall with his dribble moves. It’s one of […]

How to get Hall of fame badges in NBA 2K17

In NBA 2K17, players can earn four different kind of badges in MyCareer: bronze, silver, gold and Hall of Fame. Each archetype has its own unique badges including an exclusive Hall of Fame badge. For the purple ones you’ll have to put a lot of time and effort to get them. If you were wondering […]

Where to find ’92 Dream Team

NBA 2K17 ’92 Dream Team is a lineup that includes the whole USA Olympic basketball team from 1992. It is a preorder bonus, and there’s no word on how to get it if you haven’t preordered the game. It can be only used in the quick game mode, sadly. In this guide, we’re going to […]

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review

You know when you’ve spent months and months just waiting for that ‘special game’; the one you really care about? Oh, sure you do. After releases like XCOM 2 and Uncharted 4, there really wasn’t much out there on the mainstream video game scene that interested me personally. Well, apart from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided […]

Keypad Codes

Key Codes are number sequences in Deus Ex Mankind Divided that can be used on keypads to unlock doors, safes and bypass security. You can find many of them in portable secretaries, or by hacking other people’s computers, but there’s a lot of them. If you’re not interested in hacking, you’ll have to collect the […]

Praxis Kit Locations

Praxis Kits are collectibles in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. When used, they allow you to unlock the true potential of installed augmentations. Each praxis kit will give you one praxis, which can be used to upgrade your favorite augs, or buy new ones. They can be purchased from clinics, found in hidden caches during missions […]

Vault Keycard Locations in Deus Ex: MD

Vault Keycards are special access cards in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that allows you to enter vaults under the Palisade Bank. All vaults cards are well hidden and you can easily miss them. In this guide we’ll show you where to find VersaLife, Picus, Tarvos and Tai Yong Medical access cards. VersaLife vault keycard To […]

The Last Harvest SM11 Side Mission

The Last Harvest is one of the final side missions in Deus Ex Human Revolution. It takes places late in the game and offers the conclusion to the story from SM10: The Harvester. It will give you the chance to hunt down the serial killer targeting augs in Prague. If you play your cards right, […]

01011000 Side Mission SM06

SM06: 01011000 is a side mission in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. It will take you on a journey to obtain a data disk and bring it to the mysterious Halle. It’s not a difficult quest, but you can miss the starting point easily. When you complete it, you’ll earn the 01011000 achievement. In this guide, […]

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2K Games have released a new trailer for Mafia 3, their upcoming open world action game. The new video is called Revenge, and it shows off the events that lead up to the demise of Lincoln’s old gang. After getting back from serving in the Vietnam War, Lincoln Cray was happy to see his friends […]

Hangar 13 and 2K Games have released another trailer for Mafia 3. The new video is 16 minutes long, and consists of pieces of old trailers with info about the game and New Bordeux, as well as footage from a mission that was showcased at Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show. The game will let you […]

CD Projekt RED have announce they’ll be performing a couple of stress tests for Gwent, to make sure their servers are up to the challenge once the beta rolls out. The point is to push the servers to their limits and see how much pressure they can take. The first test will take place on […]

Rise of Iron, the latest expansion for the multiplayer shooter Destiny, is going to launch in the next 24 hours. The exact launch times differ between time zones, but thankfully, Bungie have posted something on their official blog that somewhat clears up the confusion. Rise of Iron is going to take place in Old Russia, […]

For Honor will have a closed alpha test from September 15th-18th. Ubisoft have sent out a press release explaining what to expect if you’ve been invited. They’ve detailed the game modes, classes and maps that will be available during the weekend-long test. The beta will be available on all three platforms – PC, Xbox One […]

Another three For Honor trailers have popped up on Youtube, dedicated to three classes from the game’s warring factions. In this batch, you’ll get to see the Orochi, the Berserker and the Conqueror in action. The Orochi is a samurai warrior. They’re nimble masters of the katana, equipped with medium armor that “strikes the perfect […]

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Destiny’s Xur, everybody’s favorite strange coin vendor, is going to show up at an unusual time this week. Daylight savings changes will hit this weekend, and as a result, the Agent of The Nine spawn times have been slightly changed. In this guide, we’re going to show you Xur appearance times for September 23rd 2016 […]

Vendor Weapons are great items you can buy from traders in Destiny: Rise of Iron. There’s a handful of legendary weapons you can acquire this way, and they’re more than worth your time (and money). If you’ve got the extra resources, make sure you snatch these as soon as possible. In this guide, we’re going […]

Destiny’s new expansion Rise of Iron introduces new Iron Lord Artifacts that can be used by any class. There are eight Iron Lord and three Cosmetic artifacts. Once you obtain and equip eight Iron Lords artifacts you’ll unlock the Student of History trophy. These artifacts can be equipped only on level 40 characters. Cosmetic Artifacts […]

Khvostov 7G-0X is an exotic auto rifle in Destiny: Rise of Iron. It’s a remake of an older weapon – it’s very similar, but with better stats. If you want the Year 3 Khvostov, you’ll need to finish a line of side missions. This guide is going to show you how to get Khvostov Exotic […]

Year 3 Thorn is an exotic weapon in Destiny: Rise of Iron. It’s the new version of the popular Thorn hand cannon, with more damage and all around better stats. You’ll have to finish a quest chain if you want to obtain it, and it won’t be easy. In this guide, we’re going to show […]

Destiny’s latest expansion “Rise of Iron” brings many secrets for players to discover, and one of them is the purpose of Splicer Key. This new item can be used for different things – from looting chests to starting quests. In this guide we’ll tell you how to how to get Splicer Keys and how to […]

Destiny Rise of Iron has launched with new Light Level cap increased to 385. There are several old and new ways to level up Light fast, whether you prefer decrypting Exotic Engrams, completing story missions, fighting through strikes. Some steps should be completed first, some ways work better than others, but the tips listed below […]

Dead Ghosts are collectibles in Destiny. These ghost fragments are hidden across different maps, and finding them will unlock new grimoire cards. Several of these empty husks were added in the Rise of Iron expansion, and getting them will reveal a couple more bits of lore and backstory. This guide will show you all Dead […]

Crucible Dead Ghosts are collectible fragments you can get in Destiny: Rise of Iron. They are hidden across the PvP maps. There’s one on each – 30 on Xbox, 31 on Playstation. If you don’t want to play Crucible matches against other players, there’s an easy workaround that will allow you to get them. Every […]

Iron Gjallarhorn is the upgraded version of the Destiny’s most famous weapon Gjallarhorn. In order to acquire this beautiful and powerful weapon, guardians will have to complete Rise of Iron’s story mission, get Splicer Key, collect 7 Iron Medallions, find 5 Dormant SIVA Clusters and kill many enemies. Don’t forget that this weapon is available […]

Sing the Iron Song is a hidden achievement in Destiny: Rise of Iron . The latest expansion holds many secrets, and this achievement is one of them. Thanks to numerous Destiny fans on Reddit, a secret achievement has been revealed. In this guide we’ll show you the method how to unlock Sing the Iron Song […]

Young Wolf’s Howl is a new exotic sword in Destiny: Rise of Iron. It’s a part of the Iron Lords gear, and you can get it relatively fast. It does solar damage and has two ornaments that can change its appearance. This guide is going to show you how to get Young Wolf’s Howl exotic […]