Bravado Gauntlet

Name Bravado Gauntlet
Top Speed 320 km/h
GTA Online price
(Los Santos Customs)
Price $ 32,000.00
Note Mission “Gauntlet” main objectives are to steal, prep and deliver three gauntlets – Bravado Gauntlet. Finding locations where you can steal them is even harder if you have not picked the best hacker in previous heist preparation, but as you can find their location here, you do not really need the best hacker for the mission.
  • The first location is On-Street parking spot, Rockford Hills, in front of the CaCa and Winfrey Castiglione shops. Across this location you can find Truffade Adder vehicleas well.
  • The second spot is at the top floor of a garage, in Eastern Little Seoul,on Vespucci Boulevard and Peaceful Street, next to the La Puerta Freeway overpass.
  • The third location is in a small alley, Mission Row/Vespucci Boulevard, Southern Downtown. You can find many closed shops here, like Family Pharmacy, Electrical Supplies Shop.
  • The fourth location is the one that is not linked to this mission. You can find Bravado Gauntlet here at the parking of a big theater, Southeastern Vinewood Hills.

Note: Sometimes vehicles can not be found at the marked position, in that case you should move away from that location, just wait for a while, and then return to the location again. This should respawn the car at the marked location.
Extra Mods Turbo

Map Location of Bravado Gauntlet

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