Vapid Dominator

Name Vapid Dominator
Top Speed 320 km/h
GTA Online price
(Los Santos Customs)
Note At the parking lot near the third Los Santos Customs, you can easily find Vapid Dominator. Even if the car is not there when you arrive, take any car, enter nearby Los Santos Customs, and upon exiting new cars will spawn at the parking lots. Repeat this action until you spot Vapid Dominator, car that you are looking for.
Extra Mods Bodywork, Bumpers, Exhaust, Grille, Hood, Roof, Skirts, Spoiler, Turbo
Copy of real life vehicle: Ford Mustang GT

Map Location of Vapid Dominator

5 thoughts on “Vapid Dominator

    1. GosuNoob

      You can see an in-game screenshot as proof of location. However, cars do not always show up in that place. If they do not we suggest you die or go into a nearby Los Santos Customs shop. This will respawn different cars in that same location. The place in the screenshot has a chance of spawning the Dominator.

  1. Xylioset420

    For this vehicle, if you do a certain mission, it’s worth 16,000 starting out, can’t remember what it’s called. But it’s the mission where you have to blow up the police vehicles. It starts out where you have to go and gather grenades and an armored Vapid Dominator for the mission. Complete the mission while in the vehicle and you can store it in your garage or sell it for the 16,000+ depending on if you do modifications.

    1. Beachy26

      Why cant i store the dominator in my garage? i Completed that mission, installed a tracker and paid for insurance at Los Santos Customs after i completed the mission, but I get a “this vehicle cannot be stored in your garage.


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