About Us

GosuNoob.com is a product of our need to share game strategies and tips we discover with the gaming community. It all started more than 6 years ago, when we founded MMORPG-Life.com network site dedicated to MMORPG genre. GosuNoob.com is our next ambitious project, where we use our expertise in the gaming field to bring the best strategy guides, features, interactive maps and latest news for single player video games.

Our team consists of programmers, designers, content writers and gamers who are responsible for all content and technical aspects of the website. We all have the same goal – to create high quality guides that will help you complete the game, defeat bosses, find all hidden collectibles, earn achievements and much more.

We constantly evolve with the aim to serve as an original source of information that improves your gaming experiences. Content on our websites attracts more than 5 million gamers worldwide, who visit 12 million pages every month.

Yours Sincerely,

Nadezda “Nadia” Stanarevic, Editor-in-Chief, founder
Srdjan “Serge” Stanarevic, Editor, founder
Miroslav Popovic, Senior Content Creator
Pavle Djordjevic, Senior Content Editor
Stefan Djakovic, Content Editor

Shout out to people that helped build GosuNoob.com what it is today:
Stefan Jovanovic, Video Content Editor
Uros Pavlovic, Review Master
Nenad Radojkovic, Content Editor
Dalibor Menkovic, Programmer