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Thy Creature is in Early Access on Steam

If you have been on the lookout for something that incorporates a dark fantasy adventure novel, puzzles and bullet hell (perhaps a bit of an…

How to Find Misdreavus in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Find Misdreavus in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Catching Pokemon was probably never so fluent and simple as in Pokemon Legends Arceus, but some of them are still hard to find. For example,…

red dead redemption 2 character speculation

Red Dead Redemption 2 gets a story trailer

If you can remember last week (in Internet terms, it’s ancient history), Rockstar managed to cause a riot online by posting a simple picture. True…

FIFA 18 Launch Date Announced, No Journey Mode on Switch

FIFA 18 Review Roundup

FIFA is back this year, just like any other. It is running a little late after its main competition, PES 2018, however, it has carved…

vampyr release date trailer

Vampyr Release Date Moved to Spring 2018

Vampyr, the upcoming story-driven action RPG from DontNod, the developers of Life is Strange has been delayed for the next year. The game is set…