Assassin’s Creed 4 Weapons Unlock Guide

As you progress through the main story, more weapons become available. Most of them can be purchased from the general store, while others become unlockable after completing particular Sequence of Challenge. In the list below you can find the complete weapons list and how to unlock the ones that cannot be purchased for the store.

Assassin’s Creed 4 Unlockable Weapons List

Weapons available in General Store
  • British Colonial Cutlass (sword): 8000R [Speed:2 Combo:4 Damage:3]
  • British Cutlass (sword): 800R [Speed:2 Combo:3 Damage:2]
  • Cannon-Barrel Pistol: 9000R [Damage:3 Stun:5 Range:3]
  • Espada Ancha (sword): 5000R [Speed:2 Combo:3 Damage:3]
  • French Court Sword: 12500 [Speed:4 Combo:3 Damage:4]
  • French Dress Sword: 3000R [Speed:3 Combo:3 Damage:1]
  • Officer’s Rapiers (sword): 14000R [Speed:5 Combo:4 Damage:3]
  • Pirate Blunderbus (Pistol): 800R [Damage:3 Stun:3 Range:1]
  • Pirate Scimitars (sword): 10000R [Speed:2 Combo:3 Damage:5]
  • Privateer’s Cutlass (sword): 6500R [Speed:3 Combo:3 Damage:3]
  • Spanish Cup-hilt Rapier (sword): 1200R [Speed:2 Combo:3 Damage:2]
  • Spanish Officer Pistol: 7000R [Damage:3 Stun:3 Range:3]
  • Standard Wheellock Pistols: 2500R [Damage:1 Stun:1 Range:5]
Unlockable Weapons
  • Blowpipe: Unlocks after completing Sequence no. 4.
  • Captain’s Wheellock Pistols: Unlocks after completing Community Challenge no. 5.
    [Damage:3 Stun:1 Range:3]
  • Common Flintlock Pistol: Unlocks after completing Sequence no. 2 (Mission 3)
    [Damage:1 Stun:1 Range:3]
  • Golden Flintlock Pistol: Unlocks after completing all Naval Contracts.
    [Damage:5 Stun:5 Range:3]
  • Officer’s Smallswords: Obtained automatically at the start of the game.
    [Speed:1 Combo:2 Damage:1]
  • Persian Scimitars: Unlocks after completing Community Challenges [Speed:2 Combo:2 Damage:3]
  • Pistol Sword: Unlocks after completing all Assassin Contract.
    [Speed:5 Combo:4 Damage:3]
  • Rope Darts: Unlocks at the end of Single Player mode
  • Silver Flintlock Pistol: Part of “The Black Island Pack” exclusive to GameStop.
  • Scottish Broadsword: Unlocks after finding three Social Treasure Chests.
    [Speed:3 Combo:5 Damage:3]
  • Smoke Bombs: Reward from treasure chests. You can also purchase it from the general store.
  • The Blades of Toledo: Unlocks after completing Sequences no. 1, 6, and 13 and costs 30 UPlay points.
    [Speed:4 Combo:3 Damage:3]
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  1. T

    The Pistol swords wont unlock for me…. IT says I have 100% on Assassin Contracts but wont unlock it. Also one of my islands says that i only did 1/2 but doesnt have an assassin contract logo/area/w.e.

    1. Now that is strange, 100% assassin contracts and 1 contract is not done. I had situation with one contract not showing up in one island as well. It was Andreas Island. But later on when I revisited it, it was there. Check out our assassination contracts guide maybe there is some other contract that you might have missed.

    2. S
      santhosh n

      Because you have missed one naval contract. I too have faced the same problem, Note only after completing a certain job will unlock the next one.

    3. Z

      Are you connected to xbox live when you play? If not they released a day 1 patch that fixed tons of issues that are similar to the one you’re experiencing. Hope this helps you.

    4. G

      Two of the 30 assassin contracts won’t show until you have the diving bell. Those contracts are underwater, which is why they’re not offered to you until you have the bell.

  2. M

    That had to me too but the problem was I did not have the diving bell, which is required for a couple of the contracts.

  3. K

    I was planning to buy this in the PSN store for PS4 but if these are all the weapons then f*** it. It’s nothing but swords and pistols. Laaaaaaame.

    1. There are more weapons actually. You can use blowpipe that comes with sleep darts and berserk darts, there is rope dart as well, you can throw knife toward enemies. Let’s not forget your ship’s weapons broadside cannons, mortars, swivel guns, fire barrels and etc.

    2. F

      You dumb ass, what else would be in the 1700’s?

      1. G

        Uhh, musquets, axes, daggers, spears, etc. I too am disappointed by the selection of weapons.

  4. H
    Honest businessman

    It appears that a unique sword if you hover over the sword sets menu at a general store. Anyway to unlock that sword?

  5. A
    Austin James

    hello um me and my brother both have black 5 but for Xbox 360 is what I have and he has it for ps3 and he has music gold coated um swords they look really cool but are they just for Him we both got the game fromGameStop at the same day same time and while I could use try to send me your list of the weapon you can only get on Xbox in the weapon you can only get on ps3 please that would be great so I can just not confuse myself anymore if you do thanks for your help

    Austin James

    1. Can you please let us know what is the name of that sword?

      1. A

        They are either Captain’s Drake’s swords or the Matched Golden Swords (or something like that) which are dlc only for ps3 (I think)

    2. C

      They are on of the little islands, its name is florida and i believe it was up on the top. However, THEY SUCK! Just get the best buyable swords, they are much better than the matched golden swords.

  6. R
    Rifki As

    I’ve cleared the mission assassin’s contract, but I have not been able to use a gun swor, please know that the love that already know

  7. You need to progress further to unlock the underwater areas to complete all Assassin contracts. If it says 1/2 you need to progress further.

  8. the pistol swords are awsom you have to beat the game and then compleat the final contract ill be happy to help if you need any good luck guys!

  9. K

    I’m trying to unlock the golden pistols but one of the naval contracts won’t show up in serranilla help plz

  10. L

    Weird how i finished the story in 2 days whilst unlocking
    Golden flintlock pistol
    Pistol swords
    Templar outfit
    Stealth outfit
    Mayan Outfit
    Everything except some Elite upgrades

    1. Y

      You play too much.

  11. Y

    where can i find the General Store to buy the weapons that doesn’t need to be unlocked?

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