Assassin’s Creed 4 Weapons Unlock Guide

As you progress through the main story, more weapons become available. Most of them can be purchased from the general store, while others become unlockable after completing particular Sequence of Challenge.
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In the list below you can find the complete weapons list and how to unlock the ones that cannot be purchased for the store.

Assassin’s Creed 4 Unlockable Weapons List

Weapons available in General Store
  • British Colonial Cutlass (sword): 8000R [Speed:2 Combo:4 Damage:3]
  • British Cutlass (sword): 800R [Speed:2 Combo:3 Damage:2]
  • Cannon-Barrel Pistol: 9000R [Damage:3 Stun:5 Range:3]
  • Espada Ancha (sword): 5000R [Speed:2 Combo:3 Damage:3]
  • French Court Sword: 12500 [Speed:4 Combo:3 Damage:4]
  • French Dress Sword: 3000R [Speed:3 Combo:3 Damage:1]
  • Officer’s Rapiers (sword): 14000R [Speed:5 Combo:4 Damage:3]
  • Pirate Blunderbus (Pistol): 800R [Damage:3 Stun:3 Range:1]
  • Pirate Scimitars (sword): 10000R [Speed:2 Combo:3 Damage:5]
  • Privateer’s Cutlass (sword): 6500R [Speed:3 Combo:3 Damage:3]
  • Spanish Cup-hilt Rapier (sword): 1200R [Speed:2 Combo:3 Damage:2]
  • Spanish Officer Pistol: 7000R [Damage:3 Stun:3 Range:3]
  • Standard Wheellock Pistols: 2500R [Damage:1 Stun:1 Range:5]
Unlockable Weapons
  • Blowpipe: Unlocks after completing Sequence no. 4.
  • Captain’s Wheellock Pistols: Unlocks after completing Community Challenge no. 5.
    [Damage:3 Stun:1 Range:3]
  • Common Flintlock Pistol: Unlocks after completing Sequence no. 2 (Mission 3)
    [Damage:1 Stun:1 Range:3]
  • Golden Flintlock Pistol: Unlocks after completing all Naval Contracts.
    [Damage:5 Stun:5 Range:3]
  • Officer’s Smallswords: Obtained automatically at the start of the game.
    [Speed:1 Combo:2 Damage:1]
  • Persian Scimitars: Unlocks after completing Community Challenges [Speed:2 Combo:2 Damage:3]
  • Pistol Sword: Unlocks after completing all Assassin Contract.
    [Speed:5 Combo:4 Damage:3]
  • Rope Darts: Unlocks at the end of Single Player mode
  • Silver Flintlock Pistol: Part of “The Black Island Pack” exclusive to GameStop.
  • Scottish Broadsword: Unlocks after finding three Social Treasure Chests.
    [Speed:3 Combo:5 Damage:3]
  • Smoke Bombs: Reward from treasure chests. You can also purchase it from the general store.
  • The Blades of Toledo: Unlocks after completing Sequences no. 1, 6, and 13 and costs 30 UPlay points.
    [Speed:4 Combo:3 Damage:3]
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