Great Inagua Cadaver Locations Guide

Assassin’s Creed 4 has many collectibles to be found in the game. We marked all Cadaver on the map of Great Inagua so you can locate them easier. Some of them have detailed explanations and screenshots attached, especially if they gave us trouble while looking for them.On the map bellow you can also see other collectible types and you can click on them to see guides for other collectible types as well.
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map of Great Inagua
Notes: In order to reach the cadaver at this location, your starting position should be to the south of the marker on the map. There is a half fallen tree. Jump on it, and follow the path which leads you to the hidden cave entrance. Inside the cave, there is a treasure chest next to a cadaver.

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  1. R

    How will I be able to get the 2 treasure chests at the center right of the map? I know you can’t access them by normal means. Help Please

    1. C

      You need to get back to the beach area where you first came to the island, where you climbed up the ruins to get into the jungle. In the water, there is a broken ship bow, run up it, jump to the wall, climb up and the two chests are on a ledge.

  2. N

    How can I get the treasure chest at the bottom of the map?

    1. Can you be more specific, which one? The one bellow animal Iguana map mark or some other?

  3. where do find the cadver for treasure map 845,468? when I wenr there was unable to oe\pen chest this is the last tresure I need to have all 22
    please help

    1. There is no cadaver for Great Inagua (845,468) dig location. You get Treasure Map for this location from redeem code. You can check out our Assassin’s Creed 4 Treasure Map Locations guide for additional information.

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