Some UK Retailers Selling Black Flag Early, Player’s Won’t Be Penalized

It turns out that some retailers in the UK just couldn’t resist selling some early copies of the newest installment in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. It has been confirmed that some players in the UK have obtained the game early and are already making their way through the title.

It’s not clear at the moment which retailers were selling the early copies, but players did report that they were warned that their accounts may face a penalty from Microsoft, Sony, or even the developer for playing the game early. To put player’s minds at ease Tim Browne, the game’s lead designer, tweeted that players would NOT be punished in any way for playing the game early. He stated that the fault lie with the retailers, not the players, and no action would be taken against them. Browne also added that the levels achieved by players who legitimately purchased the game won’t be reset, but the multiplayer ladders will be reset on launch.

Sounds like if you were able enough to get your hands on the game early you can go ahead and play without worrying about your account being locked out. If you were one of the lucky few able to snag an early copy feel free to play pirate to your heart’s content!

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