ACNH Mabel Store - Able Sisters Clothing Shop

Mabel is one of the characters in Animal Crossing New Horizons. She’s a hedgehog seamstress, and runs a clothing store together with her sister Sabel. Mabel will start appearing on your island after a certain point, and if you meet the criteria, she’ll offer to open up the Able Sisters tailor shop on your island. If you’re wondering how to help her establish her business on your island, keep reading our ACNH Mabel shop guide and we’ll tell you all about it.

acnh mabel shop
ACNH Mabel Store – Able Sisters Clothing Shop

How to get Mabel store in ACNH?

Before you can get the Able Sisters clothing store up and running, you’ll need to get Mabel to start showing up. To do this, you’ll need to build the Museum, as well as the Nook & Cranny. After the new shop is up and running, you’ll be able to run into Mabel talking to the Nooks inside. After that, she’ll start setting up her stall around the island at various times.

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From what we’ve gathered, she appears on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as a random weekday. Talk to her every time she’s there, and try to buy stuff from her. Accounts of players who’ve managed to help her settle differ wildly, so we’re not certain as to what exactly is the trigger – it may be spending a particular sum, or buying a particular number of items from her. Either way, just keep talking to her every time she appears and keep spending those bells.

After a while, she’ll tell you about her desire to open up a shop on your island. You’ll be given a plot that allows you to choose where Mabel’s store will be, and from then on, you’ll have a much more varied offering of clothes, and it’ll be available all the time.

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