Golden Tools - Axe, Shovel, Rod, Net, Watering Can - Animal Crossing New Horizons

Golden tools are the fully upgraded versions of tools in Animal Crossing New Horizons. They’re shiny, extravagant and pretty much the best you can get. In order to upgrade your tools to golden tier, you’ll need the appropriate recipes for the axe, shovel, rod, net, watering can and slingshot. You’ll also need one gold nugget for each tool. If you’re wondering how to get the recipes, this guide will tell you all about golden tools in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

golden tools animal crossing new horizons
Golden Tools – Axe, Shovel, Rod, Net, Watering Can – Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to get golden axe?

In order to get the golden axe recipe, you’ll have to break 100 axes through usage. You’ll get there eventually, but if you’re in a hurry, you’ll need a whole bunch of twigs and stones. Once you have them, craft as much flimsy axes as you can and start chopping down trees. You’ve already broken plenty, so you won’t need the entire 100 axes now.

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How to get golden shovel?

We’re not entirely sure how to get the axe, as we’ve seen conflicting information. Some claim you need to dig out all the fossils, others claim you need to help Gulliver 30 times. Others still think it works like the axe, and that you’ll need to break 100 shovels before you get this DIY recipe. If you have some good info about this, do tell us about it in the comments.

How to get gold fishing rod?

To obtain the golden fishing rod, you’ll have to catch every single species of fish available in the game. Once you’ve caught and catalogued them all, you’ll get the recipe for the gold rod.

How to obtain gold net?

The golden net recipe is obtained in a way similar to the one above. Just substitue fish for bugs. In other words, you’ll need to use the net to catch every kind of insect present on the island.

How to get golden watering can?

The can is a bit curious. In order to get it, you’ll need a five star rating for your town. This means you’ll have to maintain a perfect town for 15 days. After you’ve done so, talk to Isabelle and you’ll get the DIY recipe required for this lavish watering can.

Golden slingshot – how to get?

We’re not sure about this one, but we’ve heard you need to pop 100 balloons to get it. Since the slingshot is the least useful of all the tools, it may take a while before anyone makes the effort to find out for sure.

Can golden tools break?

Yes. Golden tools can break just like any others. They might have higher durability, but they’re going to break sooner or later. Since gold is a pretty rare resource, you might want to rethink upgrading your tools to gold quality – or at least use the golden version just for showing off.

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