Anthem Consumables Crafting - How to Craft Inscriptions for Expeditions

Consumables are temporary stat boosts in Anthem. You can spend them before you go on a mission, and they’ll boost select stats during that mission. You can equip up to three later on, but you start with just one slot. You can find the consumables lying around, but you can also craft them yourself. This guide is going to show you how to craft consumables in Anthem.

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anthem consumables crafting how to craft inscriptions for expeditions
Anthem Consumables Crafting – How to Craft Inscriptions for Expeditions

How to craft consumables?

In order to craft consumables, you should interact with your javelin at Fort Tarsis. This leads to the expedition screen. Scroll to the right (U on PC, right bumper on console) to the consumables tab. There will be two sections here – one for equipping, one for crafting. When you get to the crafting one, you’ll see all the available blueprints. Pick one, and if you have the uncommon embers, you’ll be allowed to create it.

At first, you’ll only be able to use one consumable per expedition. An additional slot opens up once you reach level 20, and another when you hit level 30. You’ll get new blueprints either as expedition rewards, or as loot from enemies and chests around the world. As the rarity goes up, so does the strength of the effect. We’ve only seen one rare blueprint, but it had twice the effect of the uncommon one of the same kind. Here’s a list of all the consumable inscriptions we’ve seen:

Acid Inscription – +10 acid damage, +3% acid stacks applied to enemies, +10% acid resistance
Armor Inscription- +10% armor, 3% physical resistance
Combo Inscription – +10% combo damage
Fire Inscription – +10 fire damage, +3% fire stacks applied to enemies, +10% fire resistance
Gear Inscription- +10% recharge speed
Heat Inscription- +10% heat capacity
Ice Inscription – +10 ice damage, +3% ice stacks applied to enemies, +10% ice resistance
Lightning Inscription – +10 lightning damage, +3% lightning stacks applied to enemies, +10% lightning resistance
Melee Inscription – +10% melee damage
Shield Inscription- +10% shield strength, +10% regeneration
Ultimate Inscription – +10% ultimate damage

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