Anthem Flight Controls Settings - How to Adjust on PC

Flight controls in Anthem on PC have been subject to some criticism. The same goes for the swimming control sensitivity in the PC version of Anthem. Fortunately, the developers have included settings for the Anthem PC flight and swimming controls that should help you out. So, here’s our Anthem Flight Controls Settings – How to Adjust on PC guide to help you find these settings, and explain how they work.

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Anthem Flight Controls Settings - How to Adjust on PC
Anthem Flight Controls Settings – How to Adjust on PC

How to Adjust Flight Controls in Anthem on PC?

To adjust flight controls in the PC version of Anthem, go into Settings, and then go to Keyboard + Mouse. Here, you’ll be presented with several sliders that adjust both flight and swimming controls (and you might want to fiddle with the swimming, as well). The settings you should look out for are Flight and Swim Mouse Precision, and Flight and Swim Mouse Response.

According to BioCamden, Developer Manager at BioWare, here’s what these settings do. Low mouse precision means that “cursor movements are treated the same (no acceleration) regardless of input speed,” while high precision means that “input over the same distance will move the cursor less for slow movements and further for fast movements.” On the other hand, low mouse response means “less acceleration for cursor movement based on relative location,” and high response that, “when the cursor is near center it moves more slowly, and near the edge of the flight box it moves faster for the same input distance.”

So, there you have it. These settings will help you curtail the very “lively” flying and swimming controls. Of course, this will require some testing. You want to make sure everything is set up to your liking before jumping into real trouble. So, it’ll probably be a good idea to try out different settings in free roam. Then, once you have everything going the way you want it to, you can go ahead and dive into the missions. This is gonna be pretty important, because many people have been complaining about the janky flight and swimming controls on PC.

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