Anthem Loot System Getting Major Changes, According to Bioware

BioWare has heard the cries of Anthem players about the problems they’ve been having with the loot drops. Among the changes are improvements to how Inscriptions work, how often you’ll get masterworks as drops, and removing common and uncommon items from the drop pool above level 30.

Anthem Loot System Getting Major Changes According to Bioware
Anthem Loot System Getting Major Changes, According to Bioware

One of the major complaints aimed at Anthem is that its loot system is pretty all-over-the-place. The drop rates are weird, leaving players with common items after completing high-level activities. Masterwork items barely drop, even after you’ve reached level 30. And then we have the Inscriptions, which give your weapons different bonuses. These are so random, that crafting a masterwork item might leave you with a bonus that is completely worthless for that item. It’s been driving people crazy, because crafting masterworks is a chore. You need 25 masterwork embers, and getting those is quite the grind.

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So, BioWare is going to be introducing some changes to the loot system, as laid out in a Reddit post. For one, they’re removing common and uncommon items from the drop tables after you hit level 30. They’re also reducing the cost of crafting masterworks from from 25 to 15. Last, but very much not least, they’re tweaking Inscriptions to make them more useful. Only for newly acquired items, though; it won’t apply to stuff already in your vault. Let’s get into a bit more detail, shall we?

So basically, Inscriptions are going to actually apply to the thing you’ve crafted. If the inscription has a Gear Icon, it’ll apply to the item it’s on, and the ones with the Javelin icon is going to benefit your whole Javelin. So, no more crafting an Assault Rifle and it having a bonus for Pistols. They’re doing that by basically shrinking the Inscription pools. Instead of a general Weapons pool, now there will be an Assault Rifle pool. You get the idea. So, that should make Anthem way more rewarding and engaging than it is now.

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