Anthem Triple Threat Puzzle - How to Deactivate Barrier & Get Manifold

Triple Threat is an expedition in Anthem. At some point during this mission, you’ll have to deactivate a certain barrier in order to proceed and get the Manifold. Unlocking the barrier involves solving a puzzle – there are several glowing symbols around the room, and you’ll need to find them in order to discover the combination. If you can’t be bothered to solve it yourself, our Anthem Triple Threat puzzle guide will help you.

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anthem triple threat puzzle solution deactivate barrier
Anthem Triple Threat Puzzle – How to Get Manifold From Inner Chamber

How to solve Triple Threat puzzle?

Once you reach the inner chamber and deal with the three Dominion soldiers, you’ll trigger some dialogue between Faye and Matthias. The quest marker will lead you to the Manifold – it’ll be on a pedestal, surrounded by a force field. You’ll need to take down the barrier in order to snatch it.

To deactivate the barrier, you’ll need to set the three glowing sigils around the room in the correct positions. Only then will the barrier dissipate, letting you grab your prize. The clues that show you which glyphs need to be visible are near each of the pulsating membranes.

The clues are faint, and hardly visible when you’re not looking directly at them. You’ll find one below the bridge leading to the membrane. The second one will be on the wall to the left of another membrane. The final one will be on the side of one of the pillars near the third membrane (the first one on the right, if your back is turned towards the membrane).

We have no idea whether they’re randomised for each attempt – they very well might be. That’s why we suggest you take a look at the video below for a step-by-step solution, and check the clue locations yourself before attempting to sovle the puzzle.

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