Anthem World Event Locations - Trial of Artinia

World events are a kind of activity in Anthem. You can take them on when you’re in free play, roaming the vast expanse of Bastion. They’ll reward you with embers, coin and experience points. There are dozens of areas where they can take place, and there’s always at least a few of them active. You’ll need to complete five of them for the Trial of Artinia, one of the challenges of the legionnaires. If you’re wondering where to find them, keep reading our Anthem world event locations.

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anthem world event locations
Anthem World Event Locations – Trial of Artinia

Where to find world events?

UPDATE: Thanks to the efforts of Reddit user del_tango, we now have a map of all the world event locations in free play.

anthem world event map
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ORIGINAL TEXT: There’s at least one spot where a world event can spawn in each major area. For instance, you can find one directly northeast of Fort Tarsis, in the Great Falls Canyon. It’s in the Korox Shallows sub-zone, below the big stone arches. When we first ran into it, there was a titan fight event. There’s another spot north from there, on the east bank of the river, near the border with the Emerald Abyss.

The next one we found was in the far west of the Great Falls Canyon, near the border with Academy Ruins. It was on top of a plateau called the Watchtower of Arath, near the shanty town on the clif face. When we first discovered it, we took part in a Scar Threat event, the one where you have to destroy stockpiles. The next one was all the way in the west of the Academy Ruins, on the other side of the central massif. The place is called Solarium Court, and we had to fight a bunch of skorpions there. Finally, we ran into an Outlaw Incursion event north from the last one, in the central part of the Fortress of Dawn, east of the marsh (up by the broken bridge).

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