AC Mirage Solve This Problem Quickly For Me Enigma Location & Solution

Enigmas are a type of puzzle that you can come across in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. They will give you small hints as to where you need to go in order to solve them. One of these is the “Solve This Problem Quickly For Me” Enigma. This is the only Enigma to be found in the district of Karkh. Specifically, at the Officers’ Club. You will visit this location as part of the Main Story, but you can go here whenever you want. Just be careful of the guards, as this is an enemy-infested POI. When you pick it up, it will give you a cryptic message about a village near Jarjaraya. To help you get there and complete this Enigma, here is the exact location and solution of the AC Mirage Solve This Problem Quickly For Me Enigma.

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AC Mirage Solve This Problem Quickly For Me Enigma Location & Solution
AC Mirage Solve This Problem Quickly For Me Enigma Location & Solution

Find Merchant’s Storehouse in Village Northwest of Jarjaraya

You will kick this Enigma off by picking up and reading a scroll at the Officers’ Club in Karkh. We have marked the spot where you need to go to find it in our gallery below. Pick it up and then read it from your inventory. This Enigma reads as follows: “Solve This Problem Quickly For Me. Merchants staying in the village northwest of Jarjaraya have refused to pay their taxes. Recompense is required with additional interest accrued. Find their storehouse and balance the accounts sufficiently. Report back when you are done. Use all means necessary.” All in all, a very ominous message. But what does it mean and where do you need to go to solve it?

The main clue here is to search northwest of Jarjaraya. AC Mirage does not take you to Jarjaraya, or that part of the map, until about half-way through the Main Story. I got there earlier since I was looking for viewpoints and other collectibles. It is a small village on the shore of the river Tigris. Enigmas in Assassin’s Creed Mirage serve to enrich the main story with you learning more of the game world and its history, by visiting the merchants’ camp and learning of their faith in this way. And the main story will take you to the same spot to pick up some white flowers as well.

Naturally, the first step is to travel to Jarjaraya. This village is located to the southeast of Baghdad. When you get there, follow the road northwest from the village’s viewpoint. The text of the Enigma is actually a set of orders given to some bad guys to eliminate the merchants’ camp. Which they obviously did. When you get there, you will see a burned-down village to the left of the road. This is the place that you are looking for.

AC Mirage Solve This Problem Quickly Enigma Location Map

The spot that you are looking for here is a large burned-down building (the former storehouse). It still has smoke coming from it, so you will be able to easily recognize it. Go inside its remains. You will see that there are several spots on the ground that you can interact with. Naturally, loot all of them. You will find your reward here – the Gold Hidden One Outfit Dye. This can be used to dye the Hidden One Outfit, painting it into a new color palette.

And that’s how you can complete the “Solve This Problem Quickly For Me” Enigma. Refer to our screenshots below to see the exact spot where this can be found on the map. And if you are interested in other Enigmas as well, we have written a guide that shows all of their locations in one place. You can read it here.

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