Age Is Just A Number Quest - Where to Find Bear & Deer in AC Odyssey

Age is Just a Number is one of the side quests in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. You can start it by talking to Auxesia, an old woman at the Sanctuary of Delphi. She’ll tell you all about her marital problems and ask you to gather ingredients for the elixir she plans to brew for her husband, Koragos. Specifically, bear scrotum and deer tongue. If you have any trouble finding these animals near Delphi, our AC Odyssey Age is Just a Number quest guide will help you by showing you where to find bear and deer.

ac odyssey age is just a number side quest
AC Odyssey Age Is Just A Number Quest – Where to Find Bear & Deer

Where to find deer & bear?

There’s a cave north of Delphi called Bear Grotto. You’ll find one white alpha bear there, along with 3-4 regular bears. They’re quite a handful, but you don’t need to kill them all – just one will suffice, as you don’t really need a bunch of bear balls.

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As for deer, even Auxesia will tell you there’s a bunch of them in Phokis. We found a herd on the mountain west of the Sanctuary. Again, you just need to down one, and you’ll get your quest item.

Granny romance success

After you’ve brought the ingredients, you’ll find out that Koragos doesn’t actually have problems with his nether area – he’s awfully tired and cannot keep up with his wife. At this point, you can offer to act as a stunt double and satisfy his wife’s urges yourself. After sizing you up, Auxesia will accept your offer, and you’ll go into the house for a fair while. Once you’re out, Koragos will thank you profusely and pay you for the effort. There’s no way to fail the romance with Auxesia, but you can avoid it by selection any of the options not marked with a heart when you bring the items to her.

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