Best Starting Skills - Assassin, Warrior, Hunter - AC Odyssey

Best starting skills in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey are going to be an important choice in the game. There are three ability trees to choose from: Hunter, Warrior, and, of course, Assassin. Choosing between the starting skills in AC Odyssey can be tasking, because there are some skills that come in handy no matter which tree you decide to boost most. To help you choose, here’s our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey best starting skills guide.

AC Odyssey Best Starting Skills - Assassin, Warrior, Hunter
AC Odyssey Best Starting Skills – Assassin, Warrior, Hunter

Best Assassin Starting Abilities – AC Odyssey

Shadow Assassin: A really useful skill, considering that stealth assassinations are always the better option when possible. It increases your Assassination and Knockout damage by up to 40% (30% on second level), you automatically loot your target, and it increases your CRIT damage to up to 50%. On top of that, you get one extra adrenaline segment bonus for assassinations, which always comes in handy.

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Venomous Attacks: Your melee weapons and standard arrows deal Poison Damage for 15 seconds at the base level. When the Poison Meter fills up, enemies start taking damage over time; plus, their damage and armor get weaker. This skill uses no Adrenaline.

Vanish: Absolutely essential if you want to lean on stealth. It stuns nearby enemies for six seconds on the base level. This allows you to slink back into the shadows and try the stealth approach again, or use the opening to attack. Just keep in mind that attacking stunned enemies breaks the stun.

Rush Assassination: We really strongly recommend getting this one. It allows you to chain assassinations, and deal a truly amazing amount of damage. At the highest level, you can deal 150% Assassin damage up close, and chain it up to three times. That means that you can basically slaughter four people in a matter of seconds. Plus, it more or less allows you to blink towards an enemy that’s in range, and forget about sneaking next to them. On the lowest level, you “only” get 100% Assassin Damage, and can link the attack only once, but still, it’s great stuff.

Critical Assassination: A truly brutal ability that you absolutely need. It increases your Assassin damage by up to 300% at the highest level, pretty much guaranteeing you’ll bring down almost any bad guy you come across. You do have to be in range, and not be in combat in order to pull it off, but hey, it’s pretty worth it. Even at the lowest level, where it deals 200% Assassin damage.

Which Starting Warrior Skills to Spend Ability Points on in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Sparta Kick: This skill is incredibly important at the start. First off, it allows you to knock out enemies and animals, which in turn lets you recruit them / tame them. Second, it interrupts enemy attacks, making it very valuable tool when you see an enemy winding up their red attack to mess you up. Third, Spartan kick allows you to boot people off of cliffs, buildings, and boats, making boarding ships way more of a breeze. Fourth, it’s just plain fun to punt an enemy off a ledge onto the jagged rocks below. Plus, it deals 160% Warrior damage.

Shield Breaker: At the base level, breaks small shields and deals 150% Warrior damage. Further upgrades increases damage and the range of shields you can break. This is extremely useful in combat, especially when you reach Megaris and more and more enemies start carrying shields. This skill allows you to bypass all the staggering or waiting for an opening to attack, saving you a lot of headache.

Second Wind: The Second Wind skill allows you to heal yourself in a pinch. Depending on how far you upgrade it, it can heal you up from 25%, to 35%, to 50%. Also, on the highest level, it also removes any Poison or Fire effect that may have been inflicted on you. So, yeah, it comes in pretty handy, especially if you find yourself locked in combat with a boss.

Weapons Master: This skill, like all we’ll mention here, is incredibly useful, no matter which skill tree you decide to develop most. It increases your Warrior damage up to 40% (20% at base level), and also increases your CRIT chance; plus combo finishers deal more damage if the combo does both Light and Heavy attacks.

Gear Master: Similar to Weapons Master, but for Armor; again, really, really useful, no matter what. It can increase your Armor to up to 90%, reduces Ranged damage you take, and even adds a small chance that an enemy that attacks you will stagger. At the base level, it only increases armor by 30%.

AC Odyssey – What Starting Hunter Skills to Choose?

Sixth Sense: Extremely useful skill for you to stay undetected. At the base level, it slows down time for up to five seconds when enemies spot you. Aimed arrows lock onto the target’s torso and deal 150% Hunter damage. In other words, you can quickly knock out an arrow and kill the enemy fast, before they raise the alarm, allowing you to stay undetected and keep sneaking around.

Arrow Master: This skill is pretty essential, especially if you don’t have Sparta Kick. It allows you to craft paralyzing arrows. This allows you to knock out targets from range, both people and animals. That way, you can prep people for recruitment / animals for taming from a safe distance, if you prefer not to go toe-to-toe.

Devastating Shot: Allows you to release an incredibly powerful arrow, that can deal up to 400% Hunter Damage, depending on how far you upgrade it (290% on the first level); double as much if you fully charge the arrow, making you a monster at range. It also increases your Poison and Fire arrow elemental buildup buy up to 200% (150% at first level), and you can use Special Arrows with this skill.

Archery Master: This one is a wonderful addition to your arsenal, allowing you to be a beast from afar. At the base level, it increases Hunter damage by 20%, and you don’t consume standard arrows when using Hunter abilities. Later on, it increases your Hunter damage up to 40%, and gives the same boost to your headshots. A partially-drained Adrenaline segment will refill outside of combat, and, on top of all of that, it slows down time while your aiming with a bow in midair; but only on higher levels.

Other AC Odyssey Best Starting Abilities to Consider

Spread Shot: You can consider this skill because it allows you to shoot three arrows at the same time, and every one of them deals 100% damage. It’s not the most useful skill of the bunch, but could come in handy.

Poison Mastery: A logical extension of Venomous Attacks. At the base level, it increases Poison Buildup by 25%, and it only gets better from there. So, if you’re planning to utilize Poison a lot, you might wanna consider this one.

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