Goat's Gruff Ainigmata Ostraka Puzzle Solution Location - AC Odyssey

Goat’s Gruff ainigmata ostraka in AC Odyssey is one of many puzzles you can complete. The ainigmata ostraka riddle solution begins in Camp Dekelia, where you find the clue to the treasure location. The clue towards the Goat’s Gruff puzzle solution is kinda vague, though, like most of them are. So, if you’re having trouble solving it, here’s our AC Odyssey Goat’s Gruff ainigmata ostraka puzzle solution guide to help you out.

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AC Odyssey Goat's Gruff Ainigmata Ostraka Puzzle Solution Location
AC Odyssey Goat’s Gruff Ainigmata Ostraka Puzzle Solution Location

Where to Find Ainigmata Ostraka in Camp Dekelia?

The Ainigmata Ostraka in Camp Dekelia is hiding in the long barracks-looking building. It is by far the longest building in the camp, and it’s dead in the center of the fenced-off area; you can’t miss it. If its unusual shape wasn’t enough, the building also sports paintings of horses and chariot racers on the front, making it even more eye-catching. The ostraka itself will be on the floor, next to a large, red pot.

Camp Dekelia itself is in the Abandoned Farmlands region, on the northeast of Attika. You can find it near the long, crescent-shaped lake; just west of the lake’s top, to be exact. It will be marked with the symbol of a shield and two crossed spears, aka the same symbol that denotes all other military camps.

Goat’s Gruff Ostraka Riddle Solution – Mysterious Stone Goat Figure with Blood on Face

Description: Take the road going northeast toward Marathon Beach. Look for a small path lined with mysterious stone figures. Some say they were once goats turned into stone! The one with blood on its face is where you can find me.

The clue to the Goat’s Gruff Ainigmata Ostraka solution describes more or less exactly what you’re supposed to do. Get on your horse and ride off to the northeast, into the Marathon Beach area. The place you’re looking for is a cave, called Cave of Pan. It is in the south and to the east of the area.

You’ll know you’re there by the frankly disturbing scenery. The area has several goat statues and people impaled on stakes. Near the entrance of the cave and to the right, you’ll spot the goat with blood on its face. It kinda stands out in the crowd. Now, all you have to do is climb onto the goat’s bloody head and complete the button prompt. This will complete the Goat’s Gruff ainigmata ostraka.

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