AC Odyssey How to Start Legacy of the First Blade DLC Episode 2

Legacy of the First Blade DLC Episode 2 in AC Odyssey is called Shadow Heritage. The first quest in the DLC is called Stranger Tides, and the quest description hints at where to find the beginning. However, the instructions are a little vague, so that might cause problems for some people. So, here’s our AC Odyssey How to Start Legacy of the First Blade DLC Episode 2 to help you find the Shadow Heritage quest Stranger Tides.

AC Odyssey How to Start Legacy of the First Blade DLC Episode 2
AC Odyssey How to Start Legacy of the First Blade DLC Episode 2

Where to Find Legacy of the First Blade Episode 2 Shadow Heritage Starting Quest?

To find the beginning of the first Shadow Heritage quest in AC Odyssey Legacy of the First Blade DLC Episode 2, you’ll have to travel to Istion Valley in Achaia. The starting note that you get when starting the game with the DLC downloaded, titled Find Me, mentions “to look above when you are in the western village in Achaia.” The Stranger Tides Legacy Quest description offers further insight into the matter. It points you towards Istion Valley, which is basically the westernmost point of Achaia.

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Fortunately, there’s no better time to use Fast Travel than now. Why? Because Darius will be waiting at the Istion Valley synchronization point, Ionian Watch. Hence the whole business with looking above when in the western village. The synchronization point is to the west of the village, high up on a rocky hill. But nobody has the time or patience to bother with that. Just fast travel to the Ionian Watch synch point, and find Darius crouching there. If you’re not sure where exactly this location is, check out the map screenshots provided below.

Once you’ve found Darius, have a chat with him. You’ll find out what’s been going on with him and, more importantly, Natakas. From there, you’re pretty much set; just follow Darius and do what he tells you to. If you can’t find the new content, make sure to download it manually if you’re on console. Also, there’s a chance that the new DLC episode isn’t yet available in your region, especially if you’re playing on the PlayStation 4. Just be patient.

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  1. B
    Benjamin Carrington

    I am getting “Wait for your legacy to continue” in the quest menu (I’m playing on Xbox One), and I can’t find anything on the web or YouTube to explain how to get “The Stirring Darkness” (Add-On) Legacy Quests to populate. When I try to speak to Darius it just gives small talk dialog about his hidden blade and Neema’s mother. Please help. I’ve been stuck here for weeks. Respond via email if at all possible. Thank you.

  2. M

    Good luck I have been fighting over this with UBISOFT since end of januari, the support log is huge and no one knows,.. I’m on PS4 (PRO)

  3. D

    I completed part 1 Stranger Tides, I have downloaded part 2 Shadow Heritage. I went to the fast travel location mentioned above looking for Daruis, is there something that I need to do to trigger the start of Shadow Heritage?

  4. R

    Once the DLC is downloaded you need to back out to the main menu and then go back in because the game only recognises the content from the menu but it does work after that

  5. S

    Don’t know if this will help anyone but I’ll post here just in case. If you are looking for the start of the quest but the game won’t show it available, you may have to exit to the main menu and actually download and install the next chapter. For some reason the game only installs the first chapter when you buy it and just adds the others to your purchases.

    In the main menu when you open the game, select store. Then, go across to add ons.

    If you scroll across the add ons, you’ll see that any episodes you have installed will say ‘installed’. The other ones will just say ‘owned’ (if you have bought it or bought the season pass). Hover over it and select ‘get’. Then when prompted, select ‘download’. This should add it to your downloads and then install to the game. You may need to restart the game so it can look for newly installed contest.

    Hope this helped someone 😛

    1. C
      Chelsea Adams

      Worked a bloody dream!! Thanks heaps. I was running out of ideas ??

    2. J

      Thank heck for your comment I was about to rage! Lol couldn’t remember what I did back in 2018/2019 the first time around lmao

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