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Sphinx riddle solutions are a key part of the Awaken the Myth quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. During the quest, you’ll come across the Sphinx, which will ask you three riddles that you have to solve. Some Sphinx riddles in AC Odyssey are easy, but the others are trickier. So, the question remains: how to solve Sphinx riddles in AC Odyssey? Well, if these brainteasers are giving you headaches, here’s our AC Odyssey Sphinx riddle solutions guide.

AC Odyssey Sphinx Riddle Solutions - Riddle Me This Trophy
AC Odyssey Sphinx Riddle Solutions – Riddle Me This Trophy

How to Solve Sphinx Riddles in AC Odyssey?

To solve the Sphinx riddles in AC Odyssey and earn the Riddle Me This trophy, you’ll have to select the correct answer out of three. There are three riddles for you to answer, and each will offer three options. After that, you’ll have to press three buttons corresponding to your answers on the surrounding pillars, in no particular order. The only trick is that the Sphinx will not tell you immediately if you get the answer wrong. Instead, it will let you give all three answers and press the three buttons before killing you.

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The good news is that the Sphinx, as of writing this article, has a pool of only twelve riddles that it rotates randomly. All you have to do is learn the twelve answers, memorize the answers you’ve given, and your golden. Let’s get into the AC Odyssey Sphinx riddle solutions, shall we?

In Spring I am gay in handsome array; in summer more clothing I wear; when colder it grows, I fling off my clothes; and in winter quite naked appear

The answer to this riddle, of course, is TREE. The whole riddle couldn’t hint harder at how the passage of the seasons affects the leaves. The other two options we got were Goat and Mountain; the correct answer is blatantly obvious. Here is the symbol you have to press if you got TREE as one of the answers:

how to solve sphinx riddles ac odyssey tree symbol

I’m alive, but without breath; I’m as cold in life as in death; I’m never thirsty, though I always drink

The answer you’re looking for is FISH. If you’re a fan of The Hobbit, you might have known this one already. The other two answers for us were Crocodile and Jellyfish. Both of these do kinda fit the riddle, but only Fish fulfills all the requirements, as it were. This is the FISH symbol you have to press:

fish symbol sphinx riddle answer assassins creed odyssey

What is always old and sometimes new; never sad, sometimes blue; never empty, but sometimes full; never pushes, always pulls

For this riddle, the answer is MOON. The other answers for us were Sky and Tide. The latter of the two might be tempting as the correct answer, and even Sky can kinda fit the description, so this riddle can end up being one of the tougher ones. This is what the MOON symbol looks like:

ac odyssey moon symbol sphinx solutions riddle

What is large, yet never grows; has roots that cannot be seen; and is taller than trees

Another one for the fans of The Hobbit; the answer, of course, is MOUNTAIN. City and Forest are the other options; however, you’ll note that both of those do grow. A forest certainly can’t be taller than trees. And, yes, technically mountains grow, too, shaddap. Here is the MOUNTAIN symbol:

mountain how to solve sphinx riddles in ac odyssey awaken the myth

At night they come without being fetched, and by day they are lost without being stolen

This is quite possibly the easiest of the bunch. The answer you’re looking for is STARS. It quite obviously isn’t the Sun or the Moon; stars appear at night and disappear during the day, and the plural in the question points to the obvious solution. Here’s the symbol of STARS:

awaken the myth quest ac odyssey sphinx riddle solution star

What can bring back the dead; make you cry, make you laugh, make you young; is born in an instant, yet lasts a lifetime

This one is kinda tricky; the answer is A MEMORY. Since the riddle is very philosophical, both Name and Joke, the other two options, can kinda sorta fit the riddle as a solution. However, A MEMORY is the one you want. This is the symbol:

riddle me this trophy how to get ac odyssey sphinx riddles memory

This thing all things devours: birds, beasts, trees, flowers; gnaws iron, bites steel, grinds hard stones to meal; slays kings, ruins towns; and beats high mountains down

TIME is the answer of this Sphinx riddle. Nature doesn’t devour, even if can gnaw iron and bite steel. And I’ve yet to hear of an army that devours trees and eats metal and rocks. So, by pure elimination, we get TIME. The TIME symbol looks like this:

time sphinx riddle how to solve ac odyssey

As small as your thumb, I am light in the air. You may hear me before you see me, but trust that I’m there

This one had us stumped, because all three options we got could fit the riddle perfectly. Mosquitoes aren’t as big as thumbs, I suppose, but a bumblebee could easily be the answer. However, it isn’t. The answer to this Sphinx Riddle is HUMMINGBIRD, and the symbol you’re looking for looks like this:

hummingbird ac odyssey how to solve sphinx riddles awaken the myth

Never resting, never still; moving silently from hill to hill; it does not walk, run, or trot; all is cool where it is not.

The answer of this riddle is hiding in the very last section: “all is cool where it is not.” The Wind and The Rain both cool everything wherever they are. So, the only option we’re left with is SUN, which, of course, is the correct answer. The symbol is this one:

sun symbol how to complete awaken the myth sphinx riddles

I create my lair with earthen string, and dispatch my prey with a biting sting

Pretty obvious answer for this one: it’s SPIDER. The only creature that checks off both the biting sting and the earthen string sections of the riddle. With that said, here’s the symbol for the SPIDER you’ll have to press:

assassins creed odyssey sphinx riddles how to answer

What can run, but never walks; has a mouth, but never talks; has a head, but never weeps, has a bed, but never sleeps

This Sphinx is the most poetic, and probably the most poetic. The answer is RIVER; the water is always flowing; it, of course, has a head, a mouth, and a bed, just in the metaphorical sense. So, yeah, it can only be RIVER. This is the symbol for this answer:

sphinx riddles how to solve ac odyssey awaken the myth quest

Some try to hide, some try to cheat; but time will show, we always will meet. Try as you might to guess my name, I promise you’ll know when you I do claim

This riddle is by far the most morbid and sinister of the bunch. It tells you that, no matter how you try to run or hide, the answer (which is DEATH) will always find you. And, you’ll know exactly who it is when it catches you. What else could it be but DEATH? And, here’s its symbol:

death sphinx symbol how to solve riddles ac odyssey riddle me this trophy
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    Very helpful, for a scared mithios such as myself, to face the Sphinx with no knowledge beforehand. I would like to say I successfully passed thanks to you!

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    The Riddle about time is is from the hobbit as well.

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    When I go to the sphinx and choose my answers which are suppose to be three, I press two symbols and have to go interact with sphinx and I still getting killed……….is my game glitch or what’s wrong………plz help

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