Where to Find Wolf Furs Kephallonia Mercenary Works - AC Odyssey

Finding wolf furs in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a mercenary works side quest. You can get it from the message board in the Coast of Koliadai area in Kephallonia. The mission is to get two wolf furs somewhere in Kephalonia. There are several locations where you can find wolves in Kephallonia in AC Odyssey. Still, though, hunting down wolves can be a tedious task; so, with that in mind, here’s our guide on where to find wolf furs in Kephallonia in AC Odyssey.

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Where to Find Wolf Furs Kephallonia Mercenary Works - AC Odyssey
Where to Find Wolf Furs Kephallonia Mercenary Works – AC Odyssey

Wolf Furs Location – How to Complete AC Odyssey Kephallonia Mercenary Works

There are presumably several locations where you can run into wolves in Kephallonia in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. We happened upon them while exploring the northwest of the region. Specifically, we were west of the Lightning Zeus Synchronization Point, in the Mount Ainos region of Kephallonia. The area in question is, again, to the west and slightly to the south of the message board that you can get mercenary works from. Basically, from the top of Lightning Zeus, we scrambled down the western slope of the mountain, and we ran into two wolves on the way down. And, two wolf furs were all we needed, so that worked out great. Of course, that’s likely not the only place where you can find wolves, but that’s where we got them, and the location is relatively near the messaging board.

As for the location of the mercenary works in this part of Kephallonia, or, rather, the location of the messaging board, it’s in the small town east of Mount Ainos, in the center of the Coast of Koliadai region. We ran into that area during the Debt Collector Odyssey Quest in the Another Day, Another Drachma chapter. All you have to do is find the statue of Hermes. The message board is on the base of the statue. Another quest we got from there was A Fight with Talos, but that’s a story for another time.

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