AC Origins Black Hood - How to Get Phylake Outfit

Black hood is a legendary outfit in Assassin’s Creed Origins. It’s the costume worn by the Phylake bounty hunters. In order to get it, you’ll have to solve a particularly hard side quest – you’ll have to be level 40 to complete it, and it’s going to take some skill. We’re going to try and help you by explaining the quest and listing the important locations in our guide on how to get black hood outfit in AC Origins.

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ac origins black hood outfit
AC Origins Black Hood – How to Get Phylake Outfit

Phylake’s Prey side quest

When you pass a certain milestone in the main story in Alexandria, a Phylake called the Outsider will apear in the city. He’ll roam the streets looking for you, and you’ll have no trouble getting to him – nearby civilians will shout out words of warning when they notice him. He’s level 20, armed with a sword and shield. He’s also quite adept at parrying, so be careful. When you defeat him, you’ll get the Phylake’s Prey side quest. The quest will task you with killing the remaining nine Phylakes. Here’s where you can find them:

  • The Outsider (level 20) – Alexandria
  • Ptolemy’s Fist (level 22) – Sap-Meh Nome
  • The Iron Ram (level 25) – Ineb-Hedjet Nome
  • The Stranger (level 28) – Memphis
  • The Hill (level 32) – Faiyum Oasis
  • Ra’s Mercy (level 30) – Faiyum
  • Bane of Hathor (level 35) – Haueris Nome
  • Half Horn (level 38) – Im-Khent Nome
  • The Iron Bull (level 40) – Giza
  • The Galatian (level 40) – Isolated Desert

Four of them will be carrying ornamental keys. Once you’ve got all four, the quest will lead you to a village in Herakleion Nome, where you’ll have to talk to Abar. She’ll promise to give you the fifth key if you kill some crocodiles in the vicinity. The beasts are level 40, so try not to rush into this fight too early. Once you’re done with the lizards, talk to Abar again. When you have the key, follow the marker to the underwater chest, where you’ll finally find the Black Hood outfit.