AC Origins Difficulty Settings Explained by Director

The director of Assassin’s Creed Origins, Ashraf Ismail, has explained why they’ve added difficulty settings to the game. The reason is, they wanted to give players more tools to control their experience with the game. Depending on what you want to get from the game, you can switch up the difficulty to suit you.

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AC Origins Difficulty Settings Explained by Director
AC Origins Difficulty Settings Explained by Director

Ubisoft seems intent to change things up in Assassin’s Creed Origins. One of the new features in the game is the addition of difficulty settings. So far, the Assassin’s Creed franchise hasn’t given players the option to adjust the difficulty, but it seems that that’s about to change. In AC: Origins, you’ll be able to pick the game difficulty that best suits you and the experience you’re after. As the game’s director, Ashraf Ismail, pointed out in an interview (via GamesRadar+), people play Assassin’s Creed for different reasons. Some play it for the gameplay, some for the story, and some for the (alternative) history aspect. So, the devs have decided to add difficulty settings to help players customize their experience. In Ismail’s words:

We wanted more gameplay depth, and that means more challenging aspects of the game – bosses, and so on. What we felt was, by going deeper into the gameplay challenge of the game, we’re feeding one part of the audience but not others. So it was a natural step for us to think well, let’s give difficulty settings so that if you’re really more into the narrative or the historical element, you can set the game to an easier setting. … If you’re the opposite, if you really want that very difficult challenge, you can set the game to a harder setting.

So, there you have it. Depending on what you want from AC Origins, you can either turn the difficulty up or down. Best of all, you can adjust the settings at any time. Simply go into the options menu, go to the Gameplay part, and change it to whatever you want.

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