AC Origins Fire Sword - Best Weapons

Fire sword is one of the best weapons in Assassin’s Creed Origins. It’s a straight blade called Hepzefa’s Sword, and you’ll get it as part of the main story. It has a high critical hit rate, does fire damage and sets enemies on fire, making them burn over time. The burn effect even goes through shields, so there’s no escaping it. Since it’s part of the main storyline, our AC Origins fire sword guide is going to contain some heavy spoilers. If you want to avoid them, simply keep in mind that you can’t miss this weapon.

ac origins fire sword best weapons
AC Origins Fire Sword – Best Weapons

How to get flaming sword?

As we’ve said, you’ll get it during the main story. It appears pretty late into the game, around level 31 – this is your last chance to avoid spoilers. You’ll get Hepzefa’s Sword during The Final Weighing, on your second official visit to Siwa.

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After you find the glowing holo-globe, you’ll also discover that your friend Hepzefa has been murdered. You’ll have to take him to the Mountain of The Dead tomb, where he will be buried. Talk to Rabiah once you’ve laid him to rest, and she’ll give you the weapon.

It may not do a tonne of damage, but you can upgrade it for better performance. The main selling point here is how cool it looks – and it does look great. The burn effect is also extremely useful when dealing with large, meaty enemies, as it lets you chip away their health without doing much.

Where to buy Fire Sword?

legendary store location ac originsYou can buy the Fire Sword in the Bureau of The Hidden Ones in Memphis. This vendor unlocks after you complete the main story of the game. This store sells all kinds of legendary weapons and gear, including stuff that you get during the game and through side quests (excluding rewards from completing main quests). For example, there’s the Fire Sword, Companion Shield, and so on. The only catch is that this vendor’s wares switch every now and again, so you might have to revisit the Bureau of The Hidden Ones several times until you find what you need.



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    Allan Irvine

    With the fire skill upgrade this sword is probably the best in the game. ?

  2. P

    What can I do if the Store of the Hidden Ones haven’t the flaming Sword?

    1. L

      Check it from time to time, it will have it at one point.

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