AC Origins In Protest Side Quest - How to Destroy War Chariot

In Protest is one of the smaller side missions you can find in Assassin’s Creed Origins. If you decide to go through with it, you’ll have to help a grieving widow avenge her husband. Curiously enough, even though you can choose to slaughter an entire garrison, you can finish this quest without drawing blood. This guide is going to show you how to destroy the war chariot in AC Origins In Protest side quest.

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ac origins in protest side quest
AC Origins In Protest Side Quest – How to Destroy War Chariot

How to destroy war chariot at Anthylla Outpost

As soon as you hit level 13, you can start this quest. Go to Mareia Port, in the eastern part of Sap-Meh Nome. Find the chariot workshop in the middle of the village and talk to Europa, the woman in the white dress. She’ll tell you all about how her late husband, Eryx, was cheated and killed by the soldiers of Anthylla Outpost. Apparently, they decided they’d only pay half of the agreed-upon price, then killed poor Eryx when he told them where to stuff it.

Now, many players will have no problem with outright murdering the whole garrison, and that’s fine. However, Europa only asks you to destroy the chariot, so as not to besmirch her husband’s memory. You can do this without killing a single soul – it’s easier and quicker that way, in case you’re tired of all the slaughter. The garrison is next to the village, on the north side. Use Senu to scout it and pinpoint the chariot’s location.

Slowly sneak inside, then steal the chariot and run away with it. Find a quiet place far from your pursuers and get off the chariot. Now you just need to hit it until it falls apart. It won’t show any signs of damage, so just keep slashing until it’s destroyed. Return to Europa afterwards, and you’ll get your 1000 experience points.